group kettlebell class at 12pm today, september 20th 2019 is cancelled.

all other classes remain on schedule. see you there!

me runningin the spring, i went for a run and put up a wee post about it. as it happens, i have continued to not be a runner on a consistent basis since then.

this morning’s run was under grey skies, as seems to have been the mornings of late.  it was also later than i prefer to run as i waited for both daylight and coffee to happen first.

crickets and cicadas provided the universal heartbeat backdrop to the run.  starlings and70735714_1659574990843496_1696513074057445376_n.jpg mourning doves hung like garlands in trees.  the shoulder of the road was still littered with fallen trees, though power lines that had been broken and were hanging just a few mornings ago, all remnants of last weekend’s hurricane dorian, are now repaired, explaining the power outage yesterday.

i have been contemplating entering the pei marathon’s 10k event this year. i have done it twice before, once shod, once barefoot. i have even flirted with the idea of the half marathon. thankfully, my common sense and self care instincts kick in before i get further than a furtive wink with the 21 km demand.

i am not a distance runner, not being well suited to endurance events, except perhaps birthing labour.

years ago, when i first began training for a half marathon, i gradually added more kilometres to my week on a schedule slightly on the conservative side of most recommendations.  weeks in, somewhere around the 13/14km mark, a wisdom deep inside my right hip flexor began to arise.  i dropped back my weekly distance for a couple of weeks and then slowly began to increase it again.  this inner wisdom was not to be denied.

i am not the sort to ‘work your way through that pain’ and, observing the ultimate outcome for those who do,  i am grateful for the kindnesses, including abandoning the thoughts of half marathon training, i have offered my body as i age.

so, i continue to run. short distances which fill my senses and clear my heartmind.  having nothing to prove to myself, these runs serve me well.

onward, then.  headlamp and safety vest season is upon me.

learning to treat ourselves lovingly may at first feel like a dangerous experiment.    sharon salzberg


beachit has been a glorious summer.  i love heat and sunshine and the slow pace of my life during this season. beach walks, ocean swims, deck dining, books and beer and birdnerding.

i do hope you found wonder and peace in your summer months.

just as summer arises, so too will it pass away.  the steady turning of the wheel; the hours of the sun in the sky shorten, fresh food is harvested from trees and fields, the return to school, the landscape takes on new colours.

and, new sessions of GENTLE YOGA  and GROUP KETTLEBELL CLASS begin!  all classes held at the West Royalty Community Centre, (usually) in the Upton Room.  mondays and fridays, GENTLE YOGA 10:30 – 11:30a and GROUP KETTLEBELL CLASS 12:00 – 12:45p.

*start date:  friday, september 6

*end date:  friday, december 20

*please note no classes:  friday september 27, monday september 30, friday october 11, monday october 14, friday november 8, monday november 11,  friday november 15, friday december 6.

there are 23 classes total in the session.  join us for the entire season for $186  or sign up for 12 of them for $102.  i am happy to negotiate other size packages with you, just get in touch!  payments can be etransferred ( or by cash or cheque.


breathing in, i calm my body

breathing out, i smile

dwelling in the present moment, i know this is a wonderful moment.

~ thich nhat hanh



the NEW SESSIONS begin monday may 13th.

gentle yoga to keep you centred, supple, and soothed.  always served with an open heart and some measure of shenanigans.

group kettlebell training to fire up your day, ignite your strong, twitch all your muscle fibres, and move you into greater health.

the full session (yoga or kettlebell) – 22 classes – for $176.

the session on a half shell – any 11 classes – for $99.00

drop ins  $10/class

if you have some great summer plans lined up and would like to talk about a package for a different number of classes, just drop me a note.

all classes held in the Upton Room of West Royalty Community Centre.

you don’t have to know where you’re going to get exactly where you need to go.
                           ~ marilyn a. hepburn

class schedule:

monday               friday

may       13                           17

20                           24 no class

27                           31

june       3                              7

10                           14

17                           21

24                           28

july        1 no class             5

8                              12

15                           19

22                           26


aug                                        2


it has been quite a while since my soles spent time communing with asphalt.

beginner’s mind.

the sky was grey above, the damp asphalt grey below. crows were repelled by my approach and bluejays screeched like clothesline reels. the return of gold finches was heralded with their singing.

the lichens hung, winter weary, from tree limbs. the fields were waiting on sunshine to green their blankets. pussy willows had already pushed from their sleepy sleeves.

beginner’s mind.

whatever you are doing, love yourself for doing it. Whatever you are feeling, love yourself for feeling it.
– thaddeus golas

while plenty of you will enjoy some extra time off this weekend, i am working. i am very grateful to be working.

friday, april 19 and monday april 22:

9:00a ADULT FITNESS – drop ins welcome

10:30a GENTLE YOGA – drop ins welcome

12:00p GROUP KETTLEBELL – kettlebell-experienced drop ins welcome



*please note, the building is closed over the weekend. i will be at the main doors prior to class start times to let folks in. please don’t arrive late.





enjoy a 60 minute practice geared toward maintaining joint health and body strength as we age, move through stress-related soft-tissue tension, arthritis, or a variety of joint injuries.

a gentle flow warm-up sets the tone for stretches, basic postures, warm laughter, and a rejuvenating final relaxation.

no yoga experience is necessary for this class.

classes are on mondays and fridays at 10:30am

in the upton room at west royalty community centre.

begins on  march 1 and ends on april 29

*no classes on march 8, april 12, 22

15 classes $120

any 10 classes $85 

any 7/8 classes $63/$72

*add’l drop in for package participants $10
general drop in $12

bebold1kettlebell training will help you meet your fitness goals! compound exercises work multiple muscle groups simultaneously, developing strength and muscular endurance and efficient caloric expenditure. the workout puts the focus on integrating breathing, movement and alignment with your ability to control balance and weight. working with the kettlebell is combined with body weight exercises for an all around heart-pumping workout.

**if you have not previously worked with kettlebells, dropping in is not safe or suitable. please get in touch so we can give you a proper introduction before you join the class.

classes are on mondays and fridays at 12pm

in the upton room at west royalty community centre

begins on  march 1 and ends on april 29

**no classes on march 8, april 12, 22

15 classes $120

any 10 classes $85 

any 7/8 classes $63/$72

*add’l drop in for package participants $10
general drop in $12 **must have previous kettlebell training experience

join us for fun, sweat, change.

family day

classes are ON for february 18th.

10:30am – 11:30am GENTLE YOGA

12:00pm – 12:45pm GROUP KETTLEBELL

at West Royalty Community Centre


Please Note:  the Community Centre is not open on this day. i will be at the Front Door until 5 minutes before class begins. the doors will be locked and the building inaccessible after 10:25 and again after 11:55.  Please make sure you do not arrive late.

Participants of city of Charlottetown WRCC Adult Fitness Class are welcome to attend either or both of these classes. If you come for yoga, i have a few extra yoga mats but it is best to bring your own if you have one.  If you come for kettlebell class, i need to know in advance of the class so as to make sure i have sufficient equipment.  Drop me an email at if you are planning to join us.  You’ll love swinging a kettlebell!


the future depends on what you do today.    gandhi

due to the closure of the Public Schools Branch today, january 21, classes that i teach at West Royalty Community Centre are canceled for today.

i suggest you all:


class schedule