may4-007Hi, I’m Wendy and I like to sweat, talk a lot, and eat delicious, health-enhancing food. I rather dig life and strive to make everyday a truly great reason for getting out of bed.

What’s it all about?

I believe we actively create ourselves moment by moment each and every day. We  have the power to make each day truer, more meaningful, and more bountiful than all the days before. Our choices, our acceptance of personal responsibility, and our grace determine how we connect with others and contribute to all.

The power of our intention informs the shape of our lives.  I  love to assist others in nurturing their personal power.

My personal fitness story

After a long and much loved career working with at-risk youth and families I woke up to find I had so thoroughly neglected myself that I couldn’t climb two flights of stairs without effort.  I was eating high fat foods which drained me of my vitality, to say nothing of where those fats were being stored and how my body had become a total stranger to me.  I participated in no regular physical activity unless drinking coffee counts as a sport, and I smoked.  I smoked a lot.

Needless to say, at 42 years of age I was feeling twice my age (my apologies to all those fabulously fit 80 somethings out there) and I needed to make some serious changes. I was ready to feel better and it was the power of my intention which was the vehicle for my change.

I quit smoking.   I got my sorry backside out of bed early every day and I started walking.  I joined Weight Watchers and began making changes to

3 months after joining the gym -- coming out of the swim alive!

3 months after joining the gym -- coming out of the swim alive!

how, what and when I ate.  Not smoking was far easier than I had ever imagined, the walking was work, and the cleaner eating was a pleasant adventure.  After a couple of months I joined a gym and hired a personal trainer.  What a good decision that was for my life.  My energy levels were skyrocketing, my sleep improved.  My moods, peri-menopausal and affected by poor nutrition and lack of movement, stabilized.  I got rid of some unwanted fat and discovered muscles.  It was an excitement for   me.

Three months later I completed my first triathlon.

My professional fitness story

Fitness is a second career for me after a wonderous and amazing and expansive first career.

After that first triathlon I started to actually believe fitness was indeed a very cool industry.  I began working at the gym where I trained and I studied to become a Personal Trainer.  I have never looked back.  I believe all I do in fitness is enhanced by my training, skills and experiences in clinical psychology, neuropsychology and naturopathic health.  I firmly believe that a solid education provides the foundation upon which formidable practice is built.  I draw on my many years of university and professional training workshops to inform my fitness practice. With a hunger to continue my professional and personal growth I perpetually challenge myself to keep my knowledge and skills at the leading edge of the wellness and fitness field.

I am a Personal Trainer Specialist (PTS) and Nutrition and Wellness Specialist (NWS) certified through CanFitPro, and hold certifications as a Spin, Scientific Core Conditioning, Seniors Fitness, Jump Rope, Yoga, Yoga-On-The-Ball and Resist-A-Ball. Certified by Agatsu as a Kettlebell Coach, I have broken new ground on Prince Edward Island with kettlebell training, setting a gold standard of practice which others can follow.  I was one of the first Sprockids Instructors in PE certified by the Canadian Cycling Association and I own the Jazzercise franchise for Prince Edward Island.

With so many continuing education opportunities in the fitness field, I am incredibly fortunate to have received training from such notable sources as Reebok University, The Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging, Agatsu, Stott Pilates, CanFitPro, YogaFit Training Systems Worldwide, The Jump Rope Institute, The Canadian Aquafitness Leaders Alliance, The C.H.E.K. Institute, and the  Arthritis Society of PEI, amongst others.

How I stay busy

I will be teaching a variety of classes at my new studio the whole way:  exercise, nutrition, mindfulness and offer workshops and presentations to the community and corporate sectors of the Island.  You can also find me at Atlantic Fitness East Montague, where I also teach classes.

My first passion remains my strongest: Personal Training and Small Group Personal Training. Private Personal Training allows me to provide services specifically tailored to the needs of individuals and small groups. I am comfortable and competent providing land-based fitness facility programming, aquatic/pool-based training, and home-based services.

I am honoured and excited to have you visit my blog.  Stop by the studio and discover your power of intention.  I’ll be there.