107047860_226862958296130_684358468428431952_ni checked this morning’s temperature and decided long pants and long sleeves might be in order for the run.  halfway down the driveway, in the still close air, it became quite clear that i was well overdressed for my distance run.

a shift in intention.  a short run would be a lovely run. as i set out, at a pace faster than i would normally — c’mon, what’s up with that legs?? — another shift in intention: to push myself on a short fast run.

and, it felt good. using my breath to regulate my heart rate, downregulating on the uphill, upregulating on the more level bits, i stayed at a pace that i could maintain.

my speed is around a humble 8 km/h. it is what i can generate and it serves my body and brain well.

as i run, though, i am aware that all is in motion.  the earth, on its early summer tilt, is twirling on its axis at about 1700 km/h, or .5 km/second, and orbiting the sun at about 30 km/s.  the sun, moving in its elliptical orbit around a galactic centre, travels at about 220 km/s and our galaxy, the milky way, is moving at a speed of about 2.1 million km/h.

it is an amazing thing, that we can imagine ourselves as solid and stationary, and yet we are literally hurtling through space toward the great attractor.  we are but a speck on a speck at the edge of a galaxy, also a speck in the space of all that is.

75429317_600625027546033_1098563309383310718_nit took about 13.8 billion years of confluences for me to run this morning. this run, indeed, a miracle. a modest, quiet miracle of motion at .002 km/s.

i do not know how fast that horsefly buzzing around my head was traveling.

all that is important is this one moment in movement. make the moment important, vital, and worth living. do not let it slip away unnoticed and unused.  ~ martha graham


*my apologies for any errors in my astronomical knowledge