Clubbell Yoga is a 75 minute class which unites yoga/asana practice with strength/clubbell practice. Following a format of Awaken, Condition, Practice, Clubbell Yoga is accessible to individuals of all levels of yoga practice and will strengthen yogis in ways which will enhance their mat time. Currently on offer in Montague only.

CBYP12 Blend is a 45 minute class which begins with a flow warmup, followed by a conditioning segment with bodyweight and clubbell movement patterns, and ends with a weighted yoga flow. Dynamic flexibility and strengthening of all your core stabilizers are integral to the workout, building and enhancing your motor control.

Kettlebell Training Class will help kick all your fitness goals into high gear!  Functional, compound exercises work multiple muscle groups simultaneously, developing strength and muscular endurance and efficient caloric expenditure.  With a focus on integrating breathing, movement and alignment with your ability to control balance and weight.  Working with the kettlebell is combined with jumping rope and body weight exercises for an all around heart-pumping workout.

Kettlebell  Circuit  Take some classic kettlebell moves, add some new kettlebell moves, vary the mix with battling ropes, clubbells, gymsticks, sandbells, Lebert Equalizers, TRX suspension trainers, and body weight exercises, and experience an overall workout which will tax your endurance, demand your focus, stress every muscle in your body and leave you in a lather.  Sounds like fun! This class is held the first Saturday of each month.

LeBarre Class combines dance-inspired conditioning, ballet barre training, and use the Lebert Equalizer to create a workout suitable for participants of all fitness levels.  This workout combines balance, agility, resistance, core and stretching in a unique format which you can do as a straight-up fitness class or to which you can add your inner-dancer flair.  It is a challenging full body workout and provides the variety which standing Barre classes cannot. Fun and sweaty! No dance experience or pink tights required!

Gentle Yoga is based on a fitness yoga model of practice and is a class friendly to those who are looking to recover from an intense workout.  It is also an appropriate format for individuals with stress-related soft-tissue tension, arthritis, and a variety of joint injuries.  A gentle flow warm-up sets the tone for stretches, basic postures, and a rejuvenating final relaxation.

Creative Core is a yoga-inspired approach to a strong core.  Rather than repetitive crunches, this class will take you through flowing segments which engage and challenge your body, incorporating core strength with stretch and flexibility movements. Stir your creativity, you just might find yourself enjoying core training.

Core Dujour: NOT CURRENTLY ON OFFER 30 intense minutes of exercises for your abdominal region, low back strength and other stabilizing muscles.  Isolation and functional core movements will be integrated into the class.  This will create the fire in your belly you’re looking for.

KBELL JAM CAMP I – IRON & SWEAT is an amazing functional fitness program based on the principles used to develop young athletes. You will develop the skill to successfully perform kettlebell lifting techniques in a fun group environment. As you master the skill of using your entire body to move a KBell weight, you will see tremendous improvements in your core strength. As you develop the stamina to complete a KBell Jam workout, body fat will melt away. KBELL JAM CAMP is offered two times per week  as an 8 week or 12 week session. The next session begins January 15, 2014. Guaranteed, the KBell Jammers who come together for this amazing session will be the best folks you could ever find for sharing your early morning muddle

KBELL JAM CAMP II – FIRE IN THE SKY will ignite your spirit and your metabolism; it will challenge your endurance and strength; it will get you out of bed and ready to take on your day! FIRE IN THE SKY is suitable for those of you who have kettlebell training experience, either through regular kettlebell classes or through attending KBELL JAM I. KBELL JAM CAMP is offered two times per week  as an 8 week or 12 week session. The next session begins January 14, 2014.


Morning Moxie NOT CURRENTLY ON OFFER: Gumption. Grit. Backbone.  Bring it all with you for the best wake up class you’ve ever attended.  Circuits and drills, old school standbys and cutting edge training protocols will  be your best reason for getting out of bed – think Boot Camp.  Oh, and bring along outdoor footwear and weather-appropriate clothing because you just never know…  Challenge yourself, amass your energy, intensify your focus and own your day.

☮ Seniors Kettlebell Fundamentals  NOT CURRENTLY ON OFFER  is a 5 week program to introduce older adults to kettlebell training.  The functional strength and muscular endurance benefits of kettlebell training are easily modified to adapt to the needs of the older participant.  Instead of attempting to adjust to the sometimes frenetic workout programs of a younger generation, older adults will find much to challenge them in a comfortable setting with this program.

☮ Seniors Kettlebell Training: Kettlebell Classes for Older Adults NOT CURRENTLY ON OFFER Offering both cardiovascular (aerobic) exercise and strength-based (anaerobic) movements, kettlebells can be used to improve overall functioning, making every day activities easier and more enjoyable.  Off-setting some of the effects of muscle loss due to aging, strength training helps with bone health and metabolism. Kettlebell training will also assist with balance, flexibility and core strength.



A commitment to your health and wellbeing.  A small, but important bit of your time each week.  A measure of consistency & determination.  A spark of your spirit.

Drop-in classes are available on a no-reserve basis at a cost of $10 + hst.

A 10-session package of classes is $80 + hst

You can purchase unlimited classes for a 12 week period for $225 + hst.

Where classes numbers are limited by equipment needs/availability, attendance will be done on a reserve basis and will not be guaranteed without reserving a spot.  Without reserving a spot you may not be able to use paid classes when you wish.  You will be informed if you need to begin registering for class.

Confused?  Sorry.  Just call or email Wendy for clarification: or 902.894.8943