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whatever you are doing, love yourself for doing it. Whatever you are feeling, love yourself for feeling it.
– thaddeus golas

while plenty of you will enjoy some extra time off this weekend, i am working. i am very grateful to be working.

friday, april 19 and monday april 22:

9:00a ADULT FITNESS – drop ins welcome

10:30a GENTLE YOGA – drop ins welcome

12:00p GROUP KETTLEBELL – kettlebell-experienced drop ins welcome



*please note, the building is closed over the weekend. i will be at the main doors prior to class start times to let folks in. please don’t arrive late.




enhance my life

i am quite excited to open the studio for COMPLIMENTARY workout time.

yes, it is sunday on the house!

it is sunday. sleep in. spoon a bit with someone warm and/or furry and/or virtual and/or reptilian — hopefully not all 4 at one and the same time. ewwww. sip a coffee. then get your relaxed backside out of bed and come sweat a sunday workout.


you know your inner fitness freak really wants to, so, how could it get any better??!

heck, bring your coffee with you and, yuppers, jammies really are workout wear!

the studio, there for your considerate and considered use, is:
– open to current clients and non-clients. you do not have to be a studio regular, past or present, or a private client to feel free to drop in
– all equipment will be available for use. well as long as you know how to use it and do so respectfully (you really don’t want to see my cringe-y face). kettlebells require specific instruction prior to on the house availability, so get in touch with me if you’d like some specific instruction
-workouts will be self-directed, that is, not led by an instructor, though i will be present and available for assistance if needed. also, if you’d like a workout template/program, i am willing to provide basics and progressions – you just need to request in advance

bebold1if there is interest, a sunday morning powerlifting group can be established. movement instruction and testing 1RMs would be done on specific dates and progression programs provided. let me know and we’ll set some dates.

and if you wonder why i’d open the studio door wide for most anyone, it is because the space is there and awesome and wants to be used. it is because you should be able to access stuff and space you need to enhance your fitness. it is because strong is good, very good indeed. it is because i need to get out of bed and travel into charlottetown one more morning a week. (if you can figure out which one of these reasons does not belong, i’ll buy you a coffee).

so, drop in. have fun. get fitter.



beginning the week of January 13th, 2014 KBELL JAM offers up TWO Camp options!

* two classes per week at 6am on wednesdays and fridays
* the appropriate choice if you`ve never before touched a kettlebell
* a great workout even for experienced kettlebellers
* motivating group setting
* private facebook support community
* before and afters (photos, measurements, weight) if desired
* $115. + hst ($131.10) for 8 weeks or $170. + hst ($193.80) for 12 weeks
* begins wednesday january 15th. the 8 week session ends friday march 7th. the 12 week session ends friday april 4th.


* two classes per week at 6am on tuesdays and thursdays
* open to participants to have kettlebell experience and/or have attended KBELL JAM CAMP ONE
* motivating group setting
* workouts designed specifically for progression
* private facebook support community
* before & afters (photos, measurements, weight) if desired
* $115. + hst ($131.10) for 8 weeks or $170. + hst ($193.80) for 12 weeks
* begins tuesday january 14th. the 8 week session ends thursday march 6th. the 12 week session ends thursday april 3rd.

kbell-jam logo without numberTWO CLASSES EACH WEEK: 6AM WEDNESDAYS & FRIDAYS (camp one) OR TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS (camp two)

kbell jam is about fun and friendship, encouragement and support.

as a special promotion for KBELL JAM CAMPERS,  add any other once weekly studio class at a cost of only $5. + hst/class

these programs will be kept small in order to maximize service to participants. spaces are, therefore, limited. if there is insufficient enrollment, one of the sessions will be canceled.

gift certificates are available.

kbell jam is the brain child of Ajamu Bernard of Kbell Training Academy.  trained in classic kettlebell lifting, and spreading the fundamentals of kettlebell training for many years, Ajamu also observed that kettlebell coaches were bringing this amazing tool into group fx settings. what was lacking, though, was an overall structure and format to group training with kettlebells and he set out to change that.

531501_10151421950929757_59860985_nand so he did.

kbell jam is the world’s #1 kettlebell group training program.

it is a brilliance which combines movements from Ajamu’s KBell Trainer course and applies them to teaching kettlebell lifting techniques in a group setting. class participants are taken through three formations in classes over a 12 week progression program, developing endurance, strength, and power.

249105_10151575045204757_845340164_nin the fall of 2012, Ajamu coaxed me into attending his first canadian kbell jam instructor certification course. he had already launched the program in Puerto Rico. so, in november of last year, i joined an amazing group of kettlebell coaches in Toronto, and immediately grew to appreciate and love the kbell jam program.

i was so excited to bring kbell jam to pei!

kbell jam launched on january 15, 2013 with both a morning and evening session and, eventually it was run simultaneously in two locations. it was incredibly fun and rewarding to teach the kbell jam format.  i was privileged and honoured to watch participants grow in skill and strength, starting tentatively with 8kg kettlebells and confidently using 36kg + before the session weeks had passed.

i taught 40 weeks worth of kbell jam in 2013.

i am truly excited about the 2014 kbell jam sessions.

i hope to see you there.


Need something you can do at home on those days when getting to the studio or outside is a challenge?

Quick, clean, instense. It will work for you!


  • 30 jumping jack squats
  • 30 reverse crunches
  • 30 burpees
  • 2 minutes jump rope (or stair running)
  • 20 jumping jack squats
  • 20 reverse crunches
  • 20 burpees
  • 1 minute jump rope (or stair running)






At the moment, I am instructing/coaching 12 kettlebell training classes per week and am rounding up on 1200 classes since I first certified as a Kettlebell Coach.  That is a whole lot of weight that has been moved before my very eyes by folks who stand in testament to dedicated well being!

Creating great classes is an engaging challenge for me.  I love to think about movements and combinations of movements which will achieve varying goals, challenging participants’ bodies and minds in different ways.

Yesterday’s Kettlebell Wrastle

Warm Up

  • Body weight exercises: 5 minutes running, including stair running, followed by jumping jacks, body squats, burpees and walking lunge variations.
  • Upper body kettlebell exercises: shoulder twists, side swings, shoulder tosses, standing pullovers and halos.
  • Kettlebell Swings: 25 two hand swings, 30 alternating swings, 25 two hand swings, 30 alternating swings
  • Snatch to Windmill inverted pyramid: 3 L 3R, 2 L 2 R, 1 L 1 R, 2 L 2 R, 3 L 3 R


  • 10 L 10 R Single Leg Deadlifts (leg opposite the kettlebell is the supporting leg)
  • 10 L 10 R Tactical Lunges
  • 20 Power Swings
  • 10 L 10 R Suitcase Dead lifts
  • rest
  • 10 L 10 R Slow Negative Military Presses
  • 10 L 10 R Cleans to Rack
  • 20 Push Ups
  • 10 L 10 R Snatches
  • rest
  • 10 L 10 R 2 hnd Single Leg Deadlifts (kettlebell to outside of foot)
  • 10 L 10 R Pick Up Lunges
  • 20 Power Swings
  • 10 Dbl Kettlebell Suitcase Deadlifts
  • rest
  • 10 L 10 R Viking Push Presses
  • 10 L 10 R Renegade Rows
  • 20 Push Ups
  • 10 L 10 R Snatch Lunges
  • rest
  • 10 Crush Curls 10 O/H Extensions x 3
  • 10 Rollups 10 Kettlebell Crunches x 3

Cool Down & Stretch

your kettlebell, treat it with respect

Just you and your kettlebell.  At home. Hmmmm.

Looking for inspiration?

Here, try this workout, intense and demanding, which you can do once or twice through, depending on your energy and goals.

The pattern is two kettlebell exercises followed by one body weight exercise, each performed for 30 seconds for a total of six minutes per sequence.

Train strong, stay focused, and have fun!

Complete an aerobic warm up and joint mobility exercises before beginning.

  • single arm swing L
  • single arm swing R
  • burpees
  • clean & rack L
  • clean & rack R
  • jumping jacks
  • crush curls
  • over head tri extensions
  • lateral shuffles (3 L to R touching floor outside opposite foot)
  • snatch L
  • snatch R
  • rumble run

1 minute rest

  • rack squat L
  • rack squat R
  • mountain climbers
  • rack lunge L
  • rack lunge R
  • alternating body weight lunges
  • single leg deadlift L
  • single leg deadlift R
  • pop squats
  • suitcase deadlift L
  • suitcase deadlift R
  • jump squats

1 minute rest

  • 1/2 turkish get up L
  • 1/2 turkish get up R
  • front plank
  • chest press L
  • chest press R
  • push ups
  • weighted side bends L
  • weighted side bends R
  • side plank L
  • upper body rotations
  • lower body rotations
  • side plank R

Rest and Repeat.  This is a fun circuit to complete.  Whew!

Moxham Fitness Centre is located in a building which, years ago, was a school.  I attended that school in 1968 for my grade 5 year.  Barry Gwynn is part owner of the facility.  Though I do not know Barry, I attended high school with one of his younger sisters, and enjoyed a chat with him this morning before my workout.

The fitness centre was originally located on property which had been occupied by Moxham Castle.   It moved 5 years ago to its current location.

Anyone growing up in the Sydney area of Cape Breton prior to the eventual destruction of the castle in the mid 60’s will have fond memories of its archetectural grandeur and perhaps some magical childhood fairytale-like fantasies will linger still.  The castle was owned for a period of its history by a first cousin twice remove of mine, M.R. Chappell.  (M.R. must have had a little-boy-seeking-adventure in his soul as he also spent a lot of his time and money pursuing buried treasure on Oak Island).  This week I will eat my last Christmas meal from a lovely solid oak table – the same table off of which I ate most of my growing years meals – that once originally sat in Moxham Castle.

Moxham Fitness Centre has everything you need for a great workout.  Today I ran quarter mile sprints on the StarTrac at 6.8mph with 5.3mph recoveries.  I completed four sprints and found myself working at the very edge of what I could accomplish.  Then I hit the weights for chest and triceps training.

With the general sloth and repose of my holiday hours, I’ll have to visit Moxham’s one more time.   It was fun to workout in a place with so many connections to my past.

I am sure I have mentioned more than once how versatile the kettlebell is for fitness.

Well, if you are finding yourself a bit pressed for time and a bit challenged to fit in a good workout, the kettlebell might be a great option.  Here’s a great video, less than 3 minutes in length, which might spark a bring your kettlebell to work workout for you.  Enjoy.

If you are looking for another great kettlebell workout, set aside 40 minutes, tune up your focus, and do the following:

Jump rope warm up — hit about 160-180 rpm for 7 minutes or so and then 10 minutes of ROM for all major joints.

2-armed Swing ladder  15-25-35-45

8 kilo kettlebellTimed workout  30 seconds on, 20 seconds rest all the way through:

  • 2 arm swings
  • alternating bosu presses
  • v-ups to russian twist combination
  • weighted side bends L
  • weighted side bends R
  • swing/high pull/snatch combination L
  • swing/high pull/snatch combination R


  • glad. planks
  • clean & lunge combination L
  • clean & lunge combination R
  • single arm swings L
  • single arm swings R
  • o/h lockout squat L
  • o/h lockout squat R


  • front plank
  • front plank L leg up
  • front plank R leg up
  • bootcamp abs


2 armed swing ladder 45-35-25-15

Have water and a towel nearby.  Stretch and smile.

class schedule