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In January I contacted the Lifestyle Editor of The Guardian, our provincial newspaper.  It was the second anniversary of kettlebell training in Prince Edward Island and I thought the event was worthy of a bit of media coverage.

The Lifestyle Editor agreed, assigned it to reporter Sally Cole and Sally subsequently contacted me to begin her education in kettlebell training, giving this form of training some great exposure in the local press.

Last week Sally contacted me to say the story would be printed on Monday of this week (yesterday).  When I got up yesterday I went on-line and read the nice write up she had given kettlebell training and was tickled with the studio-friendly press she had offered me.  Pleased I was.

I was not prepared for the amount of interest the story generated.  During the day lots of phone calls and many emails arrived.  So much interest in fact that I have scheduled three Kettlebell Skills Clinics this week where I have been offering only one per week for the last six weeks.

an amazing spread!

Later in the day I looked at the paper version of the story.  Well, no wonder it caught people’s attention! Sally and her Editor gave the story the front of the C Section and about 3/4 of the page, two photos and a well sized heading.  Not only that, there is a small colour photo and story title on the top of the front page!  This is an amazing layout! Wow!

I am overwhelmed by this kindness and so very grateful for such expansiveness.  Thank you Sally, Carolyn and The Guardian.  You’ve helped bring about a broader awareness of fitness and training options to this wonderful Island community.

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