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There are many, many forms of QiGong.  Chaoyi Fanhuan QiGong, translated into English as Cosmic Freedom QiGong, is a method of healing using the energy meridians of the body by means of movement and through meditation.  By working with the flow of qi, energy or life force, profound affects upon health and wellbeing can be achieved.

QiGong is two words.  Qi (pronounced chee) refers to the vital energy or fundamental life force which is inherent in the human body; in its simplest form it means airGong (pronounced kung) means work or discipline.  QiGong then is a practice which involves working with our energy flow.  The label QiGong was not in widespread use until the 1970’s.



On the weekend I attended Level I and Level II training of CFQ Healing Qigong.  Chaoyi Fanhuan QiGong was founded by Master Yap Soon Yeong, and the weekend program was offered by Chok Hiew, the founding trainer of CFQigong.  Dr. Hiew describes CFQiGong as a practice to arrive at a state of complete mind-body relaxation to a point of such profound wellness that one feels boundless peace and joy free from all obstructions.

In the Level I training, we were offered many hours of oral wisdom teaching regarding the basic principles of CFQiGong, the mind-body connection and the energy channels – meridians – of the body.  We were led through the CFQ Hexagram Dance, a series of 7 movements performed in a sequence of repetitions, followed by 3 cycles of affirmations and 3 cycles of resilient breathing.  We engaged in the 7 forms of the Hexagram Dance in layers, so we had the opportunity to engage in these movements hundreds of times. Sometimes, just one movement was repeated in a meditative manner for 10 or 15 minutes.

We also received instruction in light meditation; seated, standing and walking.  This meditation was quite different from my current meditation practice and from other meditations styles with which I am familiar.  CFQiGong meditation is based on bodyfulness rather than mindfulness, by keeping yourself in a body presence so that your mind, your consciousness, can detach and become simply a witness.

The weekend was rich in learning and experience, so I have much to sift and distillate before I can further elaborate on what will fit best for my personal and professional life.  In the meantime, I plan to practice the CFQ hexagram dance and to make an entry at some future point regarding this healing tool.


In the end these things matter most: How well did you love? How fully did you love? How deeply did you learn to let go? ~ the Buddha




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