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A bit of a sweat fest was entertained in the studio yesterday.

First a warm up of high and low lateral shuffles, traveling high knees, jump rope and joint mobility exercises.

Then eight Tabata intervals, with a 30 second rest between each Tabata.

  • Tabata 1: 2 hand swings
  • Tabata 2: rack lunge left
  • Tabata 3: rack lunge right
  • Tabata 4: snatches left
  • Tabata 5: snatches right
  • Tabata 6: alternating swings
  • Tabata 7: 1/2 get ups left
  • Tabata 8: 1/2 get ups right

8 x 8 = 64 work intervals yesterday = today’s (and tomorrow’s) DOMS

Every single person stepped up to this challenge and saw it through, to the end, with strength and focus.  Wow!

I managed to get in two barefoot runs this week, though I would have liked a third in there somewhere.

On Tuesday morning, after the 6:00am Boot Camp, I hustled to the studio to train a couple of clients –  such a pleasure working with these women!  With that completed, I headed back to Victoria Park.  It was a beautiful day and felt right for a bit of a run.

I parked along the front of Government House and ran the board walk to Brighton Road and back two times, for a total of approximately 4.9km.  The board walk was busy – power walkers, joggers, folks pushing strollers.  Everyone was friendly, loosened into a casual joyfulness by the great good weather, and willing to share a smile and a greeting.  One person mentioned recognizing me from the CBC Compass Five at 5  segment last week…

There was a city employee traveling on knees, with crowbar and hammer at hand, taking care of loose boards and lifted nail heads.  I stopped to tell him how much I appreciated his efforts and he thanked me for taking the time.  At the Brighton Road end of the board walk a road crew was busy resurfacing the parking lane.  Heat and tarry smells were pervasive, but brief.

This run felt so very, very good.  The breeze from the river and the soothing sun paired nicely with the give of the boards underfoot.  I kept thinking about lifting my feet and keeping my limbs loose; short steps with Turning Japanese playing in the background of my mind.  A nice sweat and back to the studio in time to teach a lunch time class.

Today I taught an 8:45am Kettlebell Class – eight back-to-back kettlebell tabatas.  Intense.  Everyone stepped up to it, stayed with it, and finished it strong.  Amazing effort, fine focus, sacred sweat!   I had to stay in town for an 11 o’clock meeting and I was traveling with my partner, so we headed to the Farmers’ Market for a coffee (okay, okay…coffee with one of those fabulous spelt walnut cranberry crunch squares) and a couple dozen free range eggs and then to campus.  He headed to his office; I peeled off my shoes for a short run.

I thought I would barefoot run loops through the network of pathways which are the arteries and veins of the campus – they pulse with the qi of campus during semester but are serene and deserted on a Saturday morning during intersession.  I ran into some challenges where there was construction on campus and stretches of open gravel or gravel-strewn walkways, so after a dodgy circuit through the corporeal campus, I headed to university circumferential.  A couple of loops around the outer edge of the campus gave me a bit of a thumping heart and a minimally sufficient lather.

I am loving barefoot running.  I experience absolutely none of the tibialis anterior issues I have when shod.  My knees and hips feels great and I really like the sensations along the soles of my feet.  Because I run without music, my barefootedness connects me even more deeply with the experience of running in the world.  It is a very present time.  It is good.

This week I received the Tribal Running car magnet, won in a mothers’ day draw.  I love that she is a barefoot runner.

the whole way kettlebell family

the whole way kettlebell family

At 5:06am this morning, just after a downpour came to an end, I headed into the damp dark morning for a run.  I am particularly enjoying running unfettered by earbuds stuck in my ears.  Pulsing, loud, digitalized sounds are not being missed, though I couldn’t have imagined that previously.  Without the ipod, I am so much more connected with this wonderful early morning world around me.  Smells are stronger and fresher (though not always pleasant in rural Prince Edward Island) and sounds, of course, are much more available to me.  I feel the air with more clarity.  I have a stronger, more acute focus on my breathing, my muscles, my movements.  I am running mindfully and it is pure joy.

Without kettlebell training, where I insist on body-focus rather than pumping, distracting beats, I would never have set out on a 6k run without “tunes to motivate” me.  Another fitness myth busted!  My motivation comes from within me.  When did that simple, life-affirming, common sense notion get lost?

After a 45 minute back and biceps workout, I led two classes.  Kettlebell training was a lot of fun this morning.  Here is what those amazing people completed while attending solely to their experience of movement and focus:

Warm Up

  • 9 minutes jump rope
  • joint mobility
  • halos – clockwise & counterclockwise
  • around the body passes (slingshots) – c & cc
  • up/down slingshot – both directions
  • figure 8’s
  • swing ladder:  20-25-30-35

Circuit I

  • 10 1 arm swings L/10 R
  • 10 snatches L/10 R
  • 10 clean & press L/10 R
  • 10 tactical lunges L/10 R
  • 10 suitcase deadlifts L/10 R

Rest & Repeat

Circuit II

  • 10 crush curls
  • 10 squat crush curls
  • 10 overhead extensions
  • 10 wide legged dead lifts
  • 10 single legged dead lifts L/10 R

Rest & Repeat

Circuit II

  • 10 tgu crunches L/10 R
  • 10 chest presses L/10 R
  • 10 russian twists
  • 5 seated presses L/5R
  • 10 push ups

Rest & Repeat

Circuit IV

  • 10 1 arm swings L
  • 10 snatches L
  • 10 clean & press L
  • 10 tactical lunges L
  • 10 suitcase deadlifts L
  • repeat all on R side

Circuit V

  • 10 triple crush curls
  • 10 wide leg deadlifts
  • 10 overhead squats L/10 R

Circuit VI

  • 10 tgu crunches L
  • 10 chest presses L
  • 1o russian twists
  • 10 push ups
  • repeat all R side


  • Overhead kettlebell press with alternating bosu lunges.

Stretch, towel off & enjoy your weekend!  XOX

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