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DCIM100SPORTi step sweet gingerly

on the carpet of wild strawberry blossoms

strewn alongside the driveway

mourning doves scatter as i advance

they lift and spiral outward upward

like the dance of dandelion seeds on the wind

i run awkward

the soles of my feet

have softened in the dewy grass

and have awakened

to the richness of the textures

that is the asphalt

i run solely

my ears fill with the succession of cars passing

and then

they empty of the roar

the kirtan of birdsong rises all around me

and settles venticularly


i do not know if it is internal or external

i run blurry

the air sits heavy humid



immediately sticky on my skin

my fingers tingle with the coolness of early

the sweet scenty aura

of apple blossoms warms me

and slugs hieroglyph

messages of love I leap over

i run hearty

practice3i unfurl my mat on the deck amidst intoxicants

of barely blossomed lilacs

with just out fragrances

bumbling bees

as they buzz the sound of the universe

morning practice



the asphalt warm as it caresses the underbelly of my foot

a gentle south breeze slowly watlzing the laundry on the line

mating and nesting songs being passed in a stand of trees

foliage escaping once tight buds.

running. receiving. rejoicing.

hold fast to the mother


I have a very wise, wide-eyed, open-hearted friend who has been providing gentle, nudging guidance to me for quite some time.  In particular, as I explore new ways to be in the world, new ways to be in my body, and practice a calmer, less reactive, more tolerant day-to-day, she provides me with resources, references, and a sane model of reflexivity.

A part of my previous post addressed my growing pleasure/contentment with mindful running.  She quickly provided me with the following link to Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche’s elaboration of the connection between running and meditation and running meditation.  I thank her, as the video well describes what I have been experiencing, to some lesser degree or another.  I particularly identify with that carnival consciousness — tumbling thoughts in a colourful attention-grabbing disarray — he describes as common at the beginning of a run and the pleasure of letting them go to just be a heart-led mindful runner.

I trust you will find this short video as illuminating and inspiring as I did.

If you haven’t yet tried running/exercising without an umbilical cord running from an mp3 player to your ears, you might want to reconsider.

Being present in your body is an art, a science, a gift.

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