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it is hard to believe i am creating 2020 class schedules, but indeed i am.  well, let’s just leap into the leap year, shall we?

both gentle yoga and group kettlebell class will continue to be held on mondays and fridays in the upton room at west royalty community centre.  gentle yoga is 10:30 – 11:30 and group kettlebell class is 12:00 – 12:45.

kettlebell training will help you meet your fitness goals! compound exercises work multiple muscle groups simultaneously, developing strength and muscular endurance and efficient caloric expenditure. the workout puts the focus on integrating breathing, movement and alignment with your ability to control balance and weight. working with the kettlebell is combined with body weight exercises for an all around heart-pumping workout.

**if you have not previously worked with kettlebells, dropping in is not safe or suitable. please get in touch so we can give you a proper introduction before you join the class.

enjoy a 60 minute gentle yoga practice geared toward maintaining joint health and body imagesstrength as we age, move through stress-related soft-tissue tension, arthritis, or a variety of joint injuries.  listen to your heart’s voice and move gently through your days.

a gentle flow warm-up sets the tone for stretches, basic postures, warm laughter, and a rejuvenating final relaxation.

no yoga experience is necessary for this class.

JANUARY        MON 6TH                             FRI 10TH
               MON 13TH                            FRI 17TH
                  MON 20TH                            FRI 24TH  
               MON 27TH                            FRI 31ST
FEBRUARY       MON 3RD                              FRI 7TH NO CLASS
               MON 10TH                             FRI 14TH
               MON 17TH NO CLASS                    FRI 21ST
               MON 24TH                             FRI 28TH NO CLASS
MARCH          MON 2ND                              FRI 6TH NO CLASS
               MON 9TH                              FRI 13TH
               MON 16TH                             FRI 20TH
               MON 23RD                             FRI 27TH
               MON 30TH
21 classes:  $168
11 classes:  $93.50
create your own package @ $9./class, paid in advance
drop ins always welcome for yoga $10


yoga takes you by the scruff of the neck

and takes you on a journey

whether you like it or not.

~ vanda scaravelli




  • begins friday may 4th
  • MONDAYS AND FRIDAYS (*no class Monday May 21st)
  • 12:00p – 12:45p
  • Charlottetown Curling Club


kettlebell training will help kick all your fitness goals into high gear!  compound exercises work multiple muscle groups simultaneously, developing strength and muscular endurance and efficient caloric expenditure.  a focus on integrating breathing, movement and alignment with your ability to control balance and weight.  working with the kettlebell is combined with body weight exercises for an all around heart-pumping workout.

*if you have not worked with kettlebells before, please be in touch to arrange pre-session preparation

please register in advance.

  • 8 classes (1x/week) $72
  • 16 classes (2x/week) $128
  • drop in (for kettlebell-experienced practitioners only) $12

for registration or additional information, contact wendy  or leave message at 902-969-3738


love, wendy


kbell jam banner

this dance with kettlebells began with an interview and photo spread of Andrea DuCane in Oxygen Magazine in 2005. it has whirled me through a half dozen training workshops and certifications. it has dervished me into opening a training studio.

and still, it cartwheels and sashays me in all sorts of fascinating and interesting and exciting directions.

like kbell jam.


one of this country’s finer providers of  kettlebell certification is the kbell training academy, run under the thoughtful and skilled tutelage of ajamu bernard. i took ajamu’s kbell trainer specialist cert a while back and have had some contact with him sporadically over the last few years.

about 2.5 months ago i decided to check out his kbell jam group trainer specialist certification. admittedly, it did not, on the surface, really seem like my kind of thing. i mean, he mentioned using music in a group kettlebell class. in my mind there isn’t much of a place, let alone need, for music when you’ve got a kettlebell in your hand.

besides, for no good reason, i have an aversion to shortening ‘kettlebell’ to ‘kbell’. did he have to call this whatever-it-was-program kbell jam? i never find myself saying dbell (dumbbell) or bbell (barbell) or cbell (clubbell). really? kbell? there is only one additional syllable to stumble over if you were to say kettlebell. really.

of course, i couldn’t allow such an insignificant issue to influence me. with a bit of mental tap dancing, i shoved myself past the kbell induced glottal balking. i wanted to remain open and i was intrigued.

off to toronto i jetted.

it was a weekend without regrets.

kbell_jam_ad_flatkbell jam, the world’s #1 group kettlebell training program, is about to launch in pei!

so, what the heck is kbell jam?

  • it is a 12 week pre-formatted program
  • 4 weeks focus on edurance
  • 4 weeks focus on strength
  • 4 weeks focus on power
  • regression and progression sequences make it suitable for most fitness levels
  • music may be used (i’m still debating this!)
  • it is a group, a community, of like-minded folks getting together to dance their lives in healthy directions
  • and, in the studio, it is an exciting 8 or 12 week event; a shared experience where personal awarenesses may shift and shake and shimmy

and, from the kbell jam website:

kbell jam is a functional fitness program based on the principles used to develop young athletes. participants will develop the skill to successfully perform kettlebell lifting techniques in a fun group environment. in kbell jam, performance and body transformation go hand-in-hand. as you master the skill of using your entire body to move a kbell weight, you will see tremendous improvements in your core strength. as you develop the stamina to complete a kbell jam workout, body fat will melt away.

the result is a sleekier, sexier you with more energy and more strength.

i am really excited to be launching kbell jam in two and a half weeks. i got so psyched by the potential of this group kettlebell format that i rolled out a broadly-based health & wellness challenge as part of the launch.

you can find program details on the facebook event page: kbell jam transformation – 8 or 12 week challenge programs for 2013

the 6:00am spaces are filled. but there are still a few spots open in the 6:00pm group.

this may be the place where your wellness needs and goals find partnership with healthful habits, fitness and fun to trip the light fantastic.

I managed to get in two barefoot runs this week, though I would have liked a third in there somewhere.

On Tuesday morning, after the 6:00am Boot Camp, I hustled to the studio to train a couple of clients –  such a pleasure working with these women!  With that completed, I headed back to Victoria Park.  It was a beautiful day and felt right for a bit of a run.

I parked along the front of Government House and ran the board walk to Brighton Road and back two times, for a total of approximately 4.9km.  The board walk was busy – power walkers, joggers, folks pushing strollers.  Everyone was friendly, loosened into a casual joyfulness by the great good weather, and willing to share a smile and a greeting.  One person mentioned recognizing me from the CBC Compass Five at 5  segment last week…

There was a city employee traveling on knees, with crowbar and hammer at hand, taking care of loose boards and lifted nail heads.  I stopped to tell him how much I appreciated his efforts and he thanked me for taking the time.  At the Brighton Road end of the board walk a road crew was busy resurfacing the parking lane.  Heat and tarry smells were pervasive, but brief.

This run felt so very, very good.  The breeze from the river and the soothing sun paired nicely with the give of the boards underfoot.  I kept thinking about lifting my feet and keeping my limbs loose; short steps with Turning Japanese playing in the background of my mind.  A nice sweat and back to the studio in time to teach a lunch time class.

Today I taught an 8:45am Kettlebell Class – eight back-to-back kettlebell tabatas.  Intense.  Everyone stepped up to it, stayed with it, and finished it strong.  Amazing effort, fine focus, sacred sweat!   I had to stay in town for an 11 o’clock meeting and I was traveling with my partner, so we headed to the Farmers’ Market for a coffee (okay, okay…coffee with one of those fabulous spelt walnut cranberry crunch squares) and a couple dozen free range eggs and then to campus.  He headed to his office; I peeled off my shoes for a short run.

I thought I would barefoot run loops through the network of pathways which are the arteries and veins of the campus – they pulse with the qi of campus during semester but are serene and deserted on a Saturday morning during intersession.  I ran into some challenges where there was construction on campus and stretches of open gravel or gravel-strewn walkways, so after a dodgy circuit through the corporeal campus, I headed to university circumferential.  A couple of loops around the outer edge of the campus gave me a bit of a thumping heart and a minimally sufficient lather.

I am loving barefoot running.  I experience absolutely none of the tibialis anterior issues I have when shod.  My knees and hips feels great and I really like the sensations along the soles of my feet.  Because I run without music, my barefootedness connects me even more deeply with the experience of running in the world.  It is a very present time.  It is good.

This week I received the Tribal Running car magnet, won in a mothers’ day draw.  I love that she is a barefoot runner.

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