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il_570xN.748272349_lbeaRISE & GRIND: morning kettlebell club offers up a 45 minute
hardstyle kettlebell workout, combining body weight movements with single and double kettlebell movements. each week one class will be classic group format and the other will be circuit style. this is not better than your morning cup of joe, but it is darn close!

kettlebell training provides cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, power training, endurance, flexibility, balance and core conditioning all in one intense workout. if you’re looking for metabolic conditioning with endless variety, this is where you’ll find it!

experienced, novice and inexperienced kettlebell athletes are welcome to join the club but inexperienced kettlebellers will require one separate preparatory session with me. ♥

this is a 12 week session beginning thursday september 3rd and ending thursday november 26th. there will be no class on thursday november 12th.

while working out with the morning club, participants may attend any other studio class for a drop in fee of $5.70

12 weeks – $195 + hst ($223.30)

get on it now.

I conduct a kettlebell class at 8:30am on Saturday mornings.  I have, on occasion, set this up as a kettlebell circuit in order to offer up a chance to play with other toys in the studio — such as the heavy ropes, clubbells, trx trainers, bosus, gymsticks, sandbags, equalizers, med balls, gliders, stability balls, weight vest. You get the picture.

The circuit classes are fresh and fun so they are popular and in demand.  Their popularity has led to them becoming a regular feature on the first saturday of the month.

This past saturday, the energy, and intention in the studio had a definite playful quality to it.  It reminded me of children, raw and naturally enthused, joyfully playing all-out, exhausted from one activity but eager to take on the next.

Here’s the kettlebell gymbooree workout:

50 seconds work/20 seconds recovery & transition time. Allow 10 seconds additional recovery time between rounds.

Round 1:

Round 2:

  • Kettlebell alternating tactical lunge
  • Glider crossunders
  • TRX hamstring curl
  • Walking kettlebell swings
  • Glider Mt. Climbers
  • Kettelbell hip lifts

Round 3:

Round 4:

  • 1 1/2 rep bottoms up kettlebell squat
  • Clubbell tick tocks
  • TRX triceps extensions
  • Kettlebell drag
  • Plyometric squats
  • Kettlebell crunch

Tough and satisfying, this workout was so much fun to watch! I’m betting those who completed it were well satisfied too!

With the studio running just about 30 degrees Celsius last night, combined with humidity high enough to start you limply mustering some amount of trepidation, fans were set on high and kettlebells were handled.

It was a measured and paced workout, given the micro-meteorological conditions, but sufficiently intense.  Wet and warm, looking for some sort of — any sort of — cool relief, was the end result.  Soggy survival.

After warming up with a few minutes of jumping rope, walking lunges and hip and shoulder ROM activities, we finished off the warm up with a swing set:

10 swings/10 around the body passes cw/10 swings/10 around the body passes cc/10 swings/10 halos cw/10 swings/10 halos cc  x2

Then, for 10 reps each:

  • L Stationary lunge, single leg deadlift, walking overhead figure 8
  • R Stationary lunge, single leg deadlift, walking overhead figure 8
  • Repeat
  • L One arm swing, clean, press
  • R One arm swing, clean, press
  • Repeat
  • L Suitcase deadlift, rack squat, side bends
  • R Suitcase deadlift, rack squat, side bend
  • Repeat
  • L Snatch, tactical lunge, high pull
  • R Snatch, tactical lunge, high pull
  • Repeat
  • L 1/2 get up, chest press, 10 count arm bar
  • R 1/2 get up, chest press, 10 count arm bar
  • Repeat

We actually exhausted our time, and our energy, before hitting the last circuit.  Damp curls, sticking shirts, sodden towels, oppressive air, faces in every shade of goodworkout.


Don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things.  – George Carlin

circuit magic: gymsticks & half get-ups; rope reflection in the mirror

Oh, I’ve been away from my blog far too long.  I miss it.  I miss you. My most sincere apologies to all of you.  My life seems to be busting happily out in all directions and my on-line opportunities have dwindled.  I hope to get back to a regular blogging schedule soon.  Please don’t go too far away.

Chris works the rope, Katie hack squats

Today I will share with you the energy of those intrepid kettlebellers who attended circuit class this morning.  I love circuit classes.  They require planning and forethought so they keep me on my toes.  So much effort and attention is poured into them by the participants – challenging movements with challenging work/rest intervals.  Usually the formats work, but sometimes they don’t.  Thankfully, this morning’s circuit flowed well and the timing of it was smooth, like clockwork, allowing participants to complete the circuit twice during the class time.

I took some photos this morning.  I take terrible pics, so I am posting only the best of my very poor efforts.  Not everyone was in a shot worth posting, so if you don’t find yourself here, well, that’s the way my shutter shudders….

After a short warm up jumping rope, the following circuit was completed with a 45 second work interval with a 15 second rest/change stations interval.  There was a one minute rest after completion of the full circuit and then it was taken again from the top.  Folks rocked this challenge — check it out!

Starting at a random station:

  • Beth flies!!

    Kettlebell Snatch, Left

  • Kettlebell Snatch, Right
  • Gymstick Supine Rear Fly w/ Sit Up Combo
  • Gymstick Prone Triceps Extension w/ Superman Back Extension
  • Jump Rope
  • Double Kettlebell Suitcase Deadlift
  • Zoey w/ double presses, Kelly w/ pullovers

    1/2 Turkish Get Up, Left

  • 1/2 Turkish Get Up, Right
  • Double Kettlebell Chest Press on the stability ball
  • Kettlebell Pullover on the stability ball
  • Push Ups
  • Kettlebell Swings
  • Kettlebell Clean & Rack w/ Lunge Combo, Left
  • Kettlebell Clean & Rack w/ Lunge Combo, Right
  • Double Kettlebell Farmer Carry Step Ups
  • Zoey w/ big effort, Kelly squats

    Bottoms Up Kettlebell Squat w/ Overhead Press

  • Heavy Rope Alternating Waves
  • Kettlebell Hack Squat, behind the head hold

    everyone working, everyone breathing, everyone sweating

    kettlebell together, stretch together

your kettlebell, treat it with respect

Just you and your kettlebell.  At home. Hmmmm.

Looking for inspiration?

Here, try this workout, intense and demanding, which you can do once or twice through, depending on your energy and goals.

The pattern is two kettlebell exercises followed by one body weight exercise, each performed for 30 seconds for a total of six minutes per sequence.

Train strong, stay focused, and have fun!

Complete an aerobic warm up and joint mobility exercises before beginning.

  • single arm swing L
  • single arm swing R
  • burpees
  • clean & rack L
  • clean & rack R
  • jumping jacks
  • crush curls
  • over head tri extensions
  • lateral shuffles (3 L to R touching floor outside opposite foot)
  • snatch L
  • snatch R
  • rumble run

1 minute rest

  • rack squat L
  • rack squat R
  • mountain climbers
  • rack lunge L
  • rack lunge R
  • alternating body weight lunges
  • single leg deadlift L
  • single leg deadlift R
  • pop squats
  • suitcase deadlift L
  • suitcase deadlift R
  • jump squats

1 minute rest

  • 1/2 turkish get up L
  • 1/2 turkish get up R
  • front plank
  • chest press L
  • chest press R
  • push ups
  • weighted side bends L
  • weighted side bends R
  • side plank L
  • upper body rotations
  • lower body rotations
  • side plank R

Rest and Repeat.  This is a fun circuit to complete.  Whew!

It is quite possible to work without results, but never will there be results without work.

8:45am Saturday morning.

Women with Spirit.

Warm up with a few minutes of jumping rope, and 7+ minutes of kettlebell snatches.

Follow up with a couple of 13-minute circuits . . .

. . . squats, jacks, jump rope, push ups, planks, rows, chest presses, TGU crunches, clean & presses, rack lunges.

Challenge your limits and call it the start to a truly great weekend.

8:45am Saturday morning.

What were you doing?

april with a perfect side plank

donna is elegant with the jump rope

amazing tgu crunches by mary lou

jane rocks the chest press

class schedule