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today i subbed a class. i coached a kettlebell class – well, a kettlebell circuit – at atlantic fitness east. this is the gym where i first began coaching/instructing kettlebell training.

it just so happens that today is only 8 days short of the nine year mark of group kettlebell love in pei. though i used kettlebells to train private clients (amazing Tracy, now a competitive power lifter, and Mandy, now a 3rd dan black belt TKD and international ref) prior to beginning the group classes, it took a bit to develop a group/class format and get it underway. there were no resources on line to help with group kettlebell training and nothing in my first certification course to suggest a path.

it was exciting to create a format and it has been quite satisfying to see the number of instructors who have subsequently adopted and/or adapted my methods.

i am a bit of a math/statistics/records geek. today’s class was the 19th class i’ve led this week (not exclusively kettlebell classes) but the 3660th kettlebell group that i’ve coached.

that is an unfathomable amount of iron moved and movements coached over the years.

when i came home after today’s class and reflected, i realized that two of the women in this morning’s class were also in that first class 9 years ago.  anne and dianne. steady and beautiful, strong and resilient. friends. friends forged through the iron.

i honor you for every time
this year you:

got back up
vibrated higher
shined your light
and loved and elevated

—the call of duty.
~ lalah delia





May 7/10 arriving at the park for boot camp

I love early morning.  I especially love it as the days lengthen.  My waking is in concert with the fading of early morning stars on the western edge of my life, overseen by a tiring but still regal silver lamé  moon.  The eastern horizon, spectacular in a silken robe of sunrise, seeps through my skin, lifts my chest, and dizzies my mind.

May 12/10 from Hillsborough Bridge enroute to boot camp

For the past couple of weeks, I have been fortunate to co-instruct an early morning boot camp fitness program.  Called MOVE IT! Outdoor Boot Camp,  I get to share morning sunrise with 29 other fitcrazy funloving totally remarkable women.  Sunrises so shared are ineffably stunning.

May 14/10 boot camp sunrise

MOVE IT! Outdoor Boot Camp runs four mornings a week – Tuesday through Friday – in four-week sessions, from 6:00am to 7:00am.  In the spring freshness of Victoria Park, overlooking the cranes and herons of the Hillsborough River – known as Mimtugaak by those who came before us – we frolic (well, there is some sense of play in it ) in a frenzy of fitness.  Sprinting in the fields, rearranging picnic tables in the playground, punishing tennis courts with big ropes.  Feeling chilled, getting grass stained, relenting a bit of self-consciousness about bed head, forging new friendships, marveling at each others’ efforts and accomplishments.

May 14/10 waiting for boot campers to arrive

These are, indeed, mornings of our own making.  Every one of us awakes earlier than we thought we would, our alarms insistent that we not be late.  We do it repeatedly.  Some of us leave our slumbering blushing homes empty and still resting.  Others tip toe quietly past the doors of softly breathing children, maybe with a short-lived regret for disturbing our partner.  Yoga mats, water bottles and damp sneakers hold a special allure in the soft gray light of our morning home, their scent alerting all our senses.  This is the smell of change, of dedication, of commitment to self.  It is the mark of  confidence and adventure and it nurtures us so that we can nurture the parts of the world which most matter to us.

a 7pm swing thru the park to suss out the morning

I love early morning.  I love it solitary. I love it shared.

May 19/10 from the Hillsborough Bridge

I am blessed with good fortune.

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