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100996223_618549779004400_365691180781928448_nthe to and fro of pine limbs, trampolining in the gusts and a morning sky gauzy with pillowy pewter-lined clouds greeted me. the gray and coral marbled asphalt, like ill-fitting jigsaw puzzle pieces strewn upon the earth, welcomed the steady chatter of my feet.  all manner of happy birds, oblivious to my presence, nooked in swaying trees, filling my body with trilly notes.

no push in my body this morning, just a presence and the ongoing peace making with the wind.  partway into the run, the draperies were drawn aside and the sun shone through. i became aware of my shadow self, running just in front of me, leading me into the places i needed to travel.

100569460_772063373534226_4537950251817893888_ni moved my awareness to the tidal movements of fluids running through the channels in my brain. brine-swelled pulses delivering oxygen to the recesses not yet fully awakened from my good night’s rest. conveying the goodness of sunshine through the complexity of vascular highways, collecting the dregs and dross from the neuronal salt mines.

this has always been my primary reason for running; the neuroprotective whatfor in my elevated heart rate is the black caviar of my efforts.  and now affixed, to run with my shadow self, partnering the purpose.

of late every day brings a stronger wind.

good timber does not grow with ease. the stronger the wind the stronger the trees.
~ thomas s monson

jaz krautwurst, rhn

i’m really pleased to present today’s guest post, the first of many i hope, by jaz krautwurst. jaz is a registered holistic nutritional consultant living in halifax, nova scotia. she has a passion and talent for living with ease, prefers dancing to walking and walking to wheels, and does  a darned fine job of  practicing nonattachment. a lover of food, drink, people as party companions, acrobatics, fire, and coffee, she is mistress to living with love and compassion. sometimes she yells at her roommate. 

(note: i am privileged to have birthed jaz and am grateful for all the ways she has danced my life)

When you hear the word ‘cleanse,’ what does it make you think of? I think it’s pretty easy for people to perceive a cleanse as intense and restrictive, something unpleasant ‘healthy’ people do in the name of being ‘healthy.’ Literally, the word cleanse means, ‘Rid (a person, place, or thing) of something seen as unpleasant, unwanted, or defiling,’ and that is the purpose of a cleanse: to facilitate the body’s natural detoxification processes through diet, exercise and often the use of herbs or vitamin/mineral supplements. It is a process unique to each individual — there is no single ‘correct’ cleanse or cleansing diet that is right for everyone. It is dependant on the individual’s goals as well as their everyday lifestyle.

For myself, a cleanse is a way to tune up my habits. Knowing what is right and applying it can be two different things and I, personally, am easily swayed by temptation. The treats aren’t treats if you have them every day and a party isn’t a party if it happens every night!

A cleanse is an opportunity for me to make lasting change in my lifestyle and instill new, positive habits (and remember my old, positive habits)… it’s a gratifying feeling!

A cleanse is a way for me to get in tune with my body. It is a time for me to know myself further, treat myself gently and remind myself what a gift I (and all of us humans!)  have been given: a beautiful, resilient, capable body that contains incomprehensible wisdom inside of it. We carry within ourselves not just the potential to be well but the ability to achieve it. A cleanse allows me to see this very real ability in action.

A cleanse during the season’s change prepares me for the shifts of nature. The temperature, weather, amount of daylight, even the quality of the air and direction the wind comes from all change. Simple food, simply prepared, coming from this corner of the world (as much as I am able) prepares me, body and spirit, for the shorter days and cooler temperatures upon us. I am aware of the shift from watery fruits and vegetables to root veggies as much as I’m aware that it now gets dark at 5:30 in the evening. Squashes, sweet potatoes and other foods of the season warm me up from the inside out. A cleanse attunes me to the planet.

With these things in mind it is with great pleasure and a healthy sense of challenge that I begin my own 21 day cleanse. Today is day two! During this time I am saying goodbye to my non-food of choice: coffee. So far I don’t miss it but talk to me tomorrow afternoon after I’ve finished serving brunch to a hundred people at work! Herbal teas, pure water and scalp massages are among my methods of handling the cravings. I give myself a personal bonus if I can get someone else to deliver the scalp massage!

Have you ever done a cleanse before? What do you do to diffuse a craving for something you want to avoid?

Paul is coming to PEI!

Paul Plakas has been a personal trainer for 20 years. He has trained every level of fitness from homemaker to professional athlete.

For the past nine years, Paul has been on television doing weight loss documentaries, four years on Taking It Off and the past five years on X-Weighted. Both shows are Gemini Award winners.

Paul recently finished taping season five of X-Weighted – Families, to be seen on Global TV and the Slice Network.

When not working in television, Paul trains clients at his personal training studio in Edmonton, Alberta called Custom Fit. In his recreational time he enjoys, mountain biking, hockey, cross country skiing, all racquet sports and working out with weights.

The motto he lives by? Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever.

So, what’s Paul doing in PEI? 

He’ll be delivering an amazing seminar for us!


The top three things that people want most when enhancing their health is:
1. Less body fat
2. More energy
3. Reduction of chronic pain

Keeping these three things in mind, Paul is going to hit us up with a fresh and unique perspective and a ‘no-holds barred’ attitude.

This seminar will include:

  • How to overcome obstacles that lead to making smart food choices and exercise options
  •  Basal Metabolic Rate: what it is, how it works, and why it’s important
  •  How to increase metabolism and use it to your advantage
  •  A Top Ten list on how to maximize fat loss
  •  The Kinetic Chain Assessment, what it is and how can it prevent chronic pain in your body
  • Maximizing exercise time by understanding what are the best workouts for maximum benefits while demything the efficiency of cardio machines
  • A one hour boot camp style workout/exercise demonstration


$50.  per person


time: 9:00am – 12:00pm


class schedule