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i have stared at this blank screen for a while and have not found a gentle, tender way to share this news.

the whole way health & fitness studio is closing. march 31, 2018 is the day.

ideally, i would like to share this news in a personal, face-to-face conversation with every single one of you who come to the studio.  that desire is not feasible.

most of you know that my life has changed quite a bit recently; there are new other  aspects of my day-to-day that I want to spend more time with. closing the studio made the most sense whenever i dared entertain the thought. the last few weeks have brought me to a place of peace with the thought.

the studio has always been about you. about each and every clientfriend friendclient who has created a space for themselves and, in the process, crafted an amazing communal space. i have had the gift and the immense pleasure of being the steward of that space.

i will not say good-bye to the collective energy of the studio quite yet. there are still kettlebells to swing and clubbells to swipe; lebarre class squats to do and so much yummy yoga to practice. there is a final a.m. ready session to grace our early morning alarms.

i look forward to spending sweaty. sweet time with you in these next months.

thank you.



5k 010


the shimmer of trails left by snails, glinting patterns drawing my eyes

the soft essss curve of a wee garder snake in permanent repose

5k 019regal, stalwart queen anne’s lace sharing the ditches with clouds of modest brown-eyed susans

a gauntlet of pine forests, overfull with the kirtan of morning birds

breezes riffling leaves

the steady fall of my feet on asphalt, still embracing some of yesterday’s heat, softly yielding beneath my soles

a warm sun climbing a morning sky

every reason for joy held in the freshness of the day

march 29, 2013 run

march 29, 2013 run

i’ve been itching to spread my toes in an outdoor run. today, a rare day off, the sun was shining and enticing and my elbow was rubber.

i did not head out early. i needed the sunshine to take the sharp edge of chill off the asphalt and i hoped for the temperature to climb a couple of degrees.

at noon time, with a temperature of 0℃ and a pair of thermals covering my happy backside, i headed out.

the driveway was amazing underfoot. the cold, smooth mud of early spring, framed by squishy wet moss borders and dotted by ice-skimmed puddles, inspired me instantly.


there was a gusty nnw wind, on my right on the way out. a bit biting when the road was opened to not yet awakened farm fields. nipping the bits of my earlobe that pushed out of my cap. the asphalt, though, was warmed by the sun, dry and happy to be tickled by my toes. when the trees gathered along the shoulder, they cast patterns of chilly shadows to entertain me.

the run was short, sweet and satisfying. i was able to practice the chirunning form, focusing today mainly on my pesky shoulders which know not how to properly relax and allow my arms to be along just for the ride. adding the chirunning to the concepts of running with the mind of meditation made for a wonderful running experience.

so many blessings. such a good friday.

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’tis the season.

you know, for moderately- to flat-out-filled social calendars, dipping into credit lines, indulging in gastronomic delights and potent potables (thank you Alex Trebek), and increased familial/colleagial/bestie demands.

so, you may just find yourself caught up in the festive frenzy, like i am wont myself.  eating more — of what you should or perhaps more of what you shouldn’t, or but more nonetheless —  sipping too many cocktails or eggnog lattes, shorting yourself on sleep. you know, not finding time in each day for you, for your usual withdraw & rejuvenate rituals. maybe you even allow that self-critical soundtrack in your head to loop on about how you aren’t looking after yourself, just crashing through the season to burn out in the aftermath.

what’s to be done about it then? how do you remain patient and feel peaceful, stay connected to the joy that lives within you? how do you look after your self?

do kindness.

  • aahhhhhh


    to yourself.  first thing in the morning give voice to loving yourself, really caring about yourself. set an intention for one act of self-kindness during the day. be specific about it. i will take 10 minutes away from that pile of reports/laundry/dishes to meditate/breathe/walk. i will go to bed 10 minutes earlier than usual tonight. i will take a long soak in a sweetly fragranced tub this evening. i will make sure i drink plenty of water today. and, whenever you notice that you are not being kind to yourself, smile at your folly and set out again.

  • to others. stop by the local humane society with a donation of cat food. make a double portion of supper and bring one portion to a neighbour. stop by a friend’s office with a freshly brewed cup of tea – stay and chat a while. smile and say thank you to every person who serves you today. spend time with someone you haven’t spent enough time with lately. leave a note in a loved one’s pocket.


remain present.

  • maintain your own flair in entertaining, decorating, holidaying. do what comes from your heart not what looks so fabulous in your best friend’s living room. check in with your personal values and allow them to guide your decisions.
  • be mindful in your daily activities. the food you prepare is love and nourishment for those who eat it. the staff room counter that you wipe provides space for a co-worker to prepare lunch. a slight hesitation on the gas pedal invites that car to merge in front of you and allows that driver to make the light that brings him/her home sooner to family. even the smallest of acts and what appears to be minor decisions can be offered with great love and thoughtfulness. bringing the intention of service to others into your chores and routines will shift your world.
  • gratitude-rainbowspiral1practice gratitude. end your day by thinking of three things from the day for which you are grateful. share this gratitude practice with friends or family – make it a lively conversation over the evening meal or when chatting with your cherished friend.
  • plan & divvy up duties and responsibilities.  well in advance, decide on menus for larger gatherings you might have and create the shopping list. list errands and delegate some of the go-gets. ask for help when you need it. have others feel involved by not doing it all yourself.
  • find a chore you enjoy doing and find time to do it by yourself, in an unhurried way.
  • let go of the ‘shoulds’, try shrugging off ownership of the judgements of others, relax into the hubbub around you, surrender to grace.

the best that you can offer others is yourself. your self, present.

it isn’t what they unwrap that is most important.

it is you, smiling and ready with a kindness.

it is you, laughing at yourself.

it is you, caught twirling in the music and sparkling in the light.

it is you, mesmerized by the beauty that is them.

this season, do mesmerized and hold joy.

merry be.






There are very few days of the year when I fail to feel my insignificance and be grateful for it. There are few moments when I fall short of being moved by the magnificence of others and all that is so much more than I can ever be.

I am created, in each and every moment, by the ripples of others. By the ripples of you. Sweet, gooey, can-never-get-enough butterscotch ripples.

I am grateful for the gentleness of your swells, the passions of your surges, the soft, persistent, instructive hunger of your troughs and swales.

This now, as last year’s now,  is an unchanging wavering, an inconstant permanence, a metastasizing durability. A mystery. A life.

Shall we seek, shall we find, shall we know:


deep abiding peace

emancipation from fear, worry, anxiety

a life shared

an intimacy where the graze of a simple fingertip ignites our fire

moist heady spooning

a kind and loving intention to give, to give, to give and to receive

nourishment from the happiness buffet

generosity of spirit


a sense of innocence tempered with blushing common sense

an impish grin, a rascally spirit, a playful heart

simplicity of needs

scarcity of want

vibrant colours, raptures of redolence, auricular glory

wildly dancing feet, sovereign soft soles

sovereign soft souls

gratitude sighed in each and every bodily pore

recognition of all being sacred

spiritual ecstacy

freedom from deprivation

freedom from excess

a silent mind

connection to self and to others

passion for life

unshackling of our materialism

whimsy, giggles, bursting-ripe belly laughs

willingness to give without judgement

a celebration of diversity

a deep murmuring burbling knowledge of our own truth

integrity of principles

principled actions

a cohesive, pervasive, compassionate worldview

respect for all other truths

an ability to lighten up

wide busting grins

sacred ticklish spots

the preciousness of our insignificance

blessed being

I have been blissfully busy but I am very much missing posting regular entries here.  They will come, I promise. Please don’t go too far away.

You know, the best jobs bring you in contact with the most amazing people.  That’s my job.  Multiple times every day.  I am blessed with the good fortune of kind, compassionate, courageous spirit all around me.  It is so joyful to get out of bed each morning.  That is because of you.

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