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Susan, Tracy, Anne Gymsticking

Susan, Tracy, Anne gymsticking their abs


rear fly

I have been working with Gymsticks for the better part of this year, but only this weekend was able to avail myself of the opportunity to participate in a Gymstick Instructor Certification course.  Tracy Cipryk is the Canadian Master Trainer for Gymstick International Oy and I attended a 6 hour workshop with her.  It was 6 hours of muscle activation – working up a sweat and creating muscle burn, and I am feeling the fall out of those hours today.

The Gymstick lends itself well to most components of fitness: cardiovascular training, strength training, core training and balance training.

On a one-on-one basis in  Personal Training sessions or in a group class setting, this fitness tool can provide a great workout.

Performing simple but challenging post-rehabilitation exercises or executing combinations of functional movements, the Gymstick is great for working muscles in patterns which will augment activities of daily living or sport specific muscle recruitment patterns.

Using lighter resistance in cardiovascular training regimes or adding resistance for strength conditioning, the Gymstick provides for fun, versatility and a surprisingly intense workout. Because the Gymstick provides differential resistance on each side of the body, neurological responses are evoked and challenged, ensuring a whole body-mind workout.


gymstick glutes & hamstrings

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