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Wednesday night passed was the closing celebration, at week 10,  of Community School at Charlottetown Rural High School.  I had the privilege of teaching yoga to a friendly and enthusiastic group of mostly new-to-yoga students.

If you missed my earlier post on this, I’ll bring you up to date.  Community School is this fabulous concept offered across the province: instructors volunteer their services and students, for a truly minimal price, get to experience or participate in an educational experience, usually hobby-based or basic skills.

The yoga class I instructed was challenging.  More than 30 students, at least half of whom were entirely new to yoga, in a school cafeteria.  Yes.  Unyielding floor below too thin mats, overhead fluorescent bulbs, a loud heating system which revved into our poses on a regular basis, and cafeteria tables, tilted on end, providing an all-too-inadequate barrier to the busy-ness of half time coffee and snack prep at the back of the room.

Oh, but it was fun.  And fulfilling.

The closing celebrations were attended by…

The Spanish Class singing Amazing Grace in Spanish, displays by the rug hookers, painters,  and scrapbookers, the guitar students (taught by two high school students) playing Dark Side of The Moon (loved that), swedish embroidery, computer literacy, personal financial management, line dancing, and more.  I’d say 150+ folks turned out for this grand finale…a lovely cold cut and salad meal, camaraderie, presentations, applause and laughter.  This was a fabulous Community School!

I was the recipient of much joy and gratitude.  Imagine!  Community School presented me  with a certificate, a gift card to a local grocery store, and an appreciated cheque to cover my weekly travel expenses (it was a 40 minute drive in each direction for me).  My class participants took up a collection and I humbly accepted a gift certificate at a local soap manufacturing business (how did they know?) and a gift card to the book store (they admitted to creeping my facebook site to get ideas).

Best yet, one of the participants, Margot of Line Dancing Fame, wrote a poem and it was put in a card with loads of lovely signatures.  I want to share that poem with you:

Yoga is divine

It helped align our spine

We stretched those abs

And toned those flabs


Yoga is so fun

Salutation to the sun

The mountain pose

And yoga clothes


Yoga is so bendy

We strive to be like Wendy

We moaned and giggled

While our bodies jiggled


Yoga is the best

Especially when we rest 🙂

From your CS (community school) crew

Na-ma-ste to you


A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who made this such a wonderful Wednesday night experience.  I had the time of my life.


resting in savasana

I am teaching an 8 week Yoga class for the PEI Community School Association.  Community Schools are held across the Island and are attended by thousands of fine folks.  Instructors volunteer their time, participants pay a nominal fee, and everyone has an opportunity to learn a new skill or hobby.  The location at which I am teaching has classes in line dancing, guitar, computer apps, rug hooking, conversational spanish, landscaping, and more.  The school just buzzes with energy every Wednesday night, the parking lot is full, and friendly faces abound.

Savasana is an opportunity to calm and rejuvenate the mind and body.  It can alleviate anxiety and mental stress, increase focus and concentration.  What a great way to finish off the challenge of teaching yoga to a very large group of mostly new-to-yoga enthusiasts.  I am so very grateful for this most favourable circumstance.


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