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well, in common parlance, we’ve completed another year in orbit around the sun. i am grateful that this planet, filled with amazing vistas, diverse flora, compassionate hearts, and a good measure of fear, held tight to its path and brought us through solstices and equinoctes with equal amounts of equanimity.

2013 has been a ride. i mean, it has been the continuation of the ride. the journey. the dance.

there isn’t anything i would undo, even if i could.

in 2013, my mom turned 82, my oldest daughter turned 25, and my youngest turned 18 and entered university. it was the 28th or 29th revolution through space with my fave companion space traveler – xo you.

the furnace fritzed, the cold water tank sprung a leak, the pine trees further colonized the property, and spooning made everything work.

my dad would have turned 94 in 2013, though he’s been dead 10 years, and it was the 17th anniversary of my sister, Claudia’s, death. her death forever changed my relationship with my nephews and by moments i grieve this. however, neither my dad nor my sister have been lost to me, but the nature of our relationships has evolved. every year they are richer, deeper, more fulfilling. ❤

both daughters and i completed the Run Or Dye 5k together in september. i loved this, as neither of the girls was a runner before training for the event. organizationally and ethically, the event was a mess (one that i’ll never repeat), but i was heart-bursting happy to run and get messed good with these young women who used to fill my days as – still, in my mind – toddling bundles of wonders.

sunrises and sunsets were killer in 2013. but mostly, it was the clouds that pulled my heart from my chest and my breath from my body. clouds, and the warriors of basic goodness and courage who wandered through my awareness.

in 2013, social justice movements built momentum and social media was a significant tool of connection. it has been a spectacular unfolding and entwining.

my facebook feed has been filled with artistic souls, clever beings, compassionate presences, wide eyes. lovers and friends, strangers but for interwebly sympatico, hilarity and the fatiguing, soul-wrenching aspects of people-nature.

but there is continuity, persistence, tenacity, indomitable spirit.

i am awestruck. every single day.


as this orbit completes itself, january 1st let`s me celebrate 4 and a half years in the studio. really, that means i celebrate 4 and a half years of the lifestreams of astounding people intersecting my lifestream. it has been nothing short of total soul satisfaction.

the studio was founded on the bedrock of  personal training clients, kettlebells, yoga . . . and fitness enthusiasts with a passion and a skill in persuasion!

over the years there have been shifts in programming – i loved the Morning Moxie and all who bed-headed those workouts; BawdyMax classes that seemed to scare the bejeezer out of folks; Jazzercise for the fun if not for the fitness; Yoga for the masses and Gentle Yoga for the gentle amongst us; Kettlebell Classes in the amazing sunshine of Victoria Park; Bootcamps indoor and out; Core DuJour, and so much more!

this year i launched KBell Jam, having completed my KBell Jam certification in the fall of 2012. man oh man, it has been fun! there were more ‘Jam weeks in the year than not, and classes of the most hard-working, laugh-loving, strong-body-building, crazy-kettlebell-loving, huge-hearted people.

i am so very grateful that Ajamu Bernard had the good sense and tenacity to talk me into his Kbell Jam certification.

in 2013 i certified in FKCI Kickboxing and ran an early morning Kickboxing Camp in the studio. Some mornings i laughed more than i instructed, i am sure. that happens when couples roll, bleary-eyed, into the studio for 6am kickboxing and get to kick crap out of each other as the start of their day. it was ALL LOVE, ALL THE TIME.

i also attended an MMA Summit in the fall and spent a day learning drills and getting training tips from amazing UFC folks like Myles Jury and Greg Jackson,

in 2013 i completed contract work for a number of clients. Kettlebell Classes at Chi-Wan Young Sports Centre at UPEI, seated exercise classes at Whisperwood Villa, Seniors Fitness Classes for City of Charlottetown, and a big mix of classes (Kettlebell, Seniors Fitness, QiGong, MashUp, KBell Jam) at Atlantic Fitness East. i also had some nice corporate gigs with too-long-sitting employees and a few high school programs.

personal training clients continued to come into service during the year. at the most odd times of year, it seemed. pt clients are my passion and lifeblood, in more ways than one. i am honoured and privileged to share such intimate relationships with them and to assist in creating/recovering health and fitness in their lives.

later this month i will mark 6 years of group kettlebell instruction. 2013 ended with an accumulated total of 2404 classes/groups/workshops coached/instructed. i don`t know how many thousands of hours of personal kettlebell training i`ve done.

i was very happy to bring my kettlebell work into sharper focus in 2013 and join the Master Trainer, Candidate, team of Kbell Training Academy.  i took the course early in the year and co-taught my first certification program in november in Dieppe. i look forward to further developing my skills and experience as a Master Trainer this year.

in addition to completing a course in Kettlebell Rehab, i certified in LeBarre. Jenn Hall is an amazing driving force in the fitness industry and has chosen to share her energy, enthusiasm, and badass barre work with the rest of us. good thing Mark Lebert arranged for pink and green Lebert Equalizers! LeBarre classes are launching in the studio in just 12 days!

i read (or reread)  a lot of books in 2013. as i generally do. not fiction (you don’t want to know, so don’t ask). i like to read scientific journals too, but they aren’t listed 🙂

  • tim anderson. original strength: regaining the body you were meant to have
  • tim anderson: pressing reset: the guidebook to becoming bulletproof
  • dan john. never let go: a philosophy of lifting, living and learning
  • judd biasiotto. psych
  • thomas hanna. somatics: reawakening the mind’s control of movement, flexibility and health
  • thomas hanna. changing your age: using your body and brain to feel younger, stronger, and more fit
  • pavel tsatsouline. simple and sinister
  • gnowfglins. lacto-fermentation
  • shawn mozen. agatsu kettlebell
  • al kavadlo. we’re workingout
  • lewis richmond. aging as a spiritual practice: a contemplative guide to growing older and wiser
  • kelly starrett. becoming a supple leopard
  • pavel tsatsoulin. enter the kettlebell: strength secrets of the soviet supermen
  • dan john. intervention: course corrections for the athlete and trainer
  • melissa and dallas hartwig. it starts with food: discover the whole30 and change your life in unexpected ways
  • mike mahler. live life aggressively: what self-help gurus should be telling you
  • pema chodron. living beautifully: with uncertainty and change
  • gray cook. movement
  • amber rogers and go kaleo. taking up space: a guide to escaping the diet maze
  • josh kaufman. the first 20 hours: how to learn anything … fast!
  • and so many more! ebooks, kindle, lovely hardcover and paperback editions 🙂


and so, it is not done. nor can it be.

but, as 2014 dawned the colour of smoked salmon, luminous, ripe and juicy with potential, i am reminded that a new year starts every day. each day i awake, i make gratitudes and set intentions and roll from my bed ready for life.

may our world know greater peace, compassion and common sense.

i made no resolutions for the new year. the habit of making plans, or criticizing, sanctioning and molding my life, is too much of a daily event for me.  ~ anais nin





Paul is coming to PEI!

Paul Plakas has been a personal trainer for 20 years. He has trained every level of fitness from homemaker to professional athlete.

For the past nine years, Paul has been on television doing weight loss documentaries, four years on Taking It Off and the past five years on X-Weighted. Both shows are Gemini Award winners.

Paul recently finished taping season five of X-Weighted – Families, to be seen on Global TV and the Slice Network.

When not working in television, Paul trains clients at his personal training studio in Edmonton, Alberta called Custom Fit. In his recreational time he enjoys, mountain biking, hockey, cross country skiing, all racquet sports and working out with weights.

The motto he lives by? Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever.

So, what’s Paul doing in PEI? 

He’ll be delivering an amazing seminar for us!


The top three things that people want most when enhancing their health is:
1. Less body fat
2. More energy
3. Reduction of chronic pain

Keeping these three things in mind, Paul is going to hit us up with a fresh and unique perspective and a ‘no-holds barred’ attitude.

This seminar will include:

  • How to overcome obstacles that lead to making smart food choices and exercise options
  •  Basal Metabolic Rate: what it is, how it works, and why it’s important
  •  How to increase metabolism and use it to your advantage
  •  A Top Ten list on how to maximize fat loss
  •  The Kinetic Chain Assessment, what it is and how can it prevent chronic pain in your body
  • Maximizing exercise time by understanding what are the best workouts for maximum benefits while demything the efficiency of cardio machines
  • A one hour boot camp style workout/exercise demonstration


$50.  per person


time: 9:00am – 12:00pm


Boot Camp style fitness programs are all the rage these days. Here in Prince Edward Island, there are so many on offer it is hard to keep track. This style of exercising is popular because it offers variety and challenge to participants in a format which requires commitment.

Some programs are competitive in nature, encouraging competition between participants and/or competition between groups. You can find programs based solely on bodyweight training while others might employ obstacle course training or use built and natural environments to work the participants. You might have to supply some of your own workout equipment. Nutritional counseling can be included, weigh-ins and before/after pictures might be part of the package.  The boot camp can be indoors or outdoors. How frequently the program runs per week is another variable.

I’m engaged in my second spring/summer/fall of outdoor boot camp programming. I love offering outdoor workouts … for so many different reasons.

1. Taking folks outdoors and having them experience engagement with our natural world.  Exercising outdoors has demonstrated physical and mental well-being benefits.  Increased energy and greater enjoyment, as compared to indoor exercise, is documented. Enhanced engagement and greater likelihood of repeating the activity; decreased tension, depression, anger and confusion. This is without mentioning the fresh air, the stunning sunrises, the brisk breezes, the inspiring vistas, the refreshing rains, the early spring and late fall invigorating bite. Put your bare feet, or bare hands in grass or on the earth and feel the connection with the natural world. These connections offer undeniable wealth to our lives.

2. Camaradarie & building relationships within the group. Running a boot camp on a session basis (as opposed to drop-in) allows for the building of relationships, the development of a group identity, built-in fun competition, a sense of sharing, accountability and obligation. I have the great good fortune of watching relationships build and flourish amidst burpees and sprints. The desire to encourage, support and be inspired by each other is evident every day.  And, every one fits in: folks who need to be quiet and reserved , those who are more boisterous and convivial; folks who are fit and fast along with those who are just (re)venturing into fitness, others who are nursing injuries or coaching chronic health issues.  To a person, the boot camp experience is inclusive and rewarding.  This cohesiveness and sense of team can’t be achieved when there is a drop-in option to boot camp participation.

3. Early morning workouts. All sorts of time and frequency options exist for boot camp. I’ve been involved in boot camp programming as part of a larger picture of service, rather than as the primary service. So, when breaking in to the boot camp scene in PEI one of my primary goals was to not compete for the same participant market as the existing boot camps. At the time, the earliest programming was at 7am three times a week in an 8 week format. Thanks to a wonderful Personal Trainer, Boot Camp Instructor and, most importantly, incredible friend, I picked up, with permission, a model she offered in Camden, Maine which was not being offered in PEI.  Four mornings per week for four weeks — I went for a 6:00am offering. I am grateful to JourneyFit Boot Camp (formerly BodyQuest Boot Camp) for allowing me to use their model of programming.

I am a morning person and have my best energy early in the day. For those who can fit a 6:00am workout into their lifestyle, this boot camp model serves them well. Get a jump start on your day, complete your intense workout early on, and have loads of energy for the day ahead of you.  I love it.

4. Creating the workouts.  Aside from the relationships amongst and with boot camp participants, this has to be my favourite part of running a boot camp. I relish structuring the workouts each week. Researching agility drills and sprint training protocols, ensuring a balance of muscle groups worked in an hour, running burnouts on particular muscle groups, mixing in active recovery activities, building in intensity and complexity across the weeks…and the many other factors which go in to 60 minutes in the park over four weeks. The technical aspects of training have always engaged me and I love spending hours each week on the layouts, creating the intensity and balance of work to recovery, being mindful of overtraining issues and taking in to account the fitness levels and health issues of the participants.

I love finding a spark in an odd place, something that will trigger a theme or flow for a morning’s program. Searching out novel ways of using the body and creative ways of using the environment can pass happy hours for me.  Each program I run has rhyme and reason.  I make notes following the workout about how it flowed, what needs tweaking, how well it served the needs of the participants. It is a tremendously satisfying endeavour for me.

So, don’t hesitate to seek out a boot camp fitness program which will meet both your training goals/needs and your life. They are so plentiful and varied right now that it is like picking from a tree laden with juicy, luscious cherries…reach out and find your sweet spot.  I hope taking boot camp training is as fun for you as offering it is to me.

If you’re interested in this particular boot camp, MOVE IT! Outdoor Boot Camp has a tab at the top of my blog…click there for more information.

kettlebell as a social event

This is a guest post by Beth Johnston.  The ‘fit neighbour’ to which Beth refers is a previous guest blogger and persuasive (read charming) friend to many. Beth’s first kettlebell class was in March of this year and she has continued to show up with enthusiasm, laughter and determination.  That is what makes her such an amazing woman.  Oh, and the fact that she is totally infatuated with mothering her two sons and successfully balances an interesting career in communications with her family devotion and huge capacity for friendship. I am very grateful that she took time to write this guest entry.  Thank you Beth. for your inspiration.

It was January and a nagging knee injury from a long-ago car accident was making life in the winter more painful than usual. Because of the pain, I had stopped exercising and was gaining weight. I knew I had to do something about it. Motion is lotion, as they say. But after a diagnosis of a torn meniscus and a scheduled surgery date in the very distant future, I was feeling pretty discouraged.

My fit neighbour had been talking about kettlebell — her latest workout passion. I listened enviously as she talked about the “good sore” she was feeling and how this workout would make you sweat and increase your heart rate without impact.

I had been trying other aerobics-type exercise classes and feeling clumsy and nervous I’d further injure my tender knee.  The idea that I could get a cardio and strength workout in 45 minutes without pounding on my joints intrigued me.

The first evening I climbed the stairs to The Whole Way Health and Fitness Studio and met Wendy, I knew this was going to be a different exercise experience for me. Her earthiness and sense of humour instantly put me at ease. When I explained my painful knee problem to her, I saw understanding, not pity in her eyes. Her confidence reassured me. “I have lots of people with knee problems, hip problems, shoulder problems, back problems,” she explained matter-of-factly.

She watched me carefully as I tried my first few swings, coaching me on proper alignment and form and modifying a few exercises for me.

My first few squats were basically knee flexes, I really couldn’t go very far. Wendy coached me to “stay with it.”

kettlebell lunge in Victoria Park

I did stay with it.

For six months.

I signed up for two of Wendy’s MOVE IT! Outdoor Boot Camps in Victoria Park. For eight weeks I started my days with a group of inspirational women in the park at six a.m.  It wasn’t always easy, but man, did I ever feel great after.

I can now squat my butt almost to the floor, I am pain free, the locking and clicking in my knee joint have ceased and I have gained so much core strength every move I make is easier. I can peddle my bike faster, heave laundry baskets higher, climb stairs without railings, pick up my kids and swing them in the air and even get up from a seated position without using my hands.

Wendy has a great teambuilding skill, there is so much camaraderie among her clients, it feels like a team. Her studio is filled with energy, inspirational quotes and she practices what she preaches, a holistic, healthy lifestyle filled with daily meditations and gratitude.

Although many people in the class are super  fit, this is not an intimidating gym for the California body set. It’s not a place where people obsess about appearances or measurements or weight. These are real people, focusing on health, wellness, fun and getting what Wendy calls their “sacred sweat” on.

I laugh as much as I sweat every time I go.

If I keep exercising this way I am optimistic I won’t need the orthopedic surgery I am scheduled for in July, 2011. Fingers crossed — and kettlebell in hand.

Almost a week has passed since my last entry.  Oh dear, that is not so good.  Even my partner is nudging me to get another post up!

The week has been eventful, to say the least.

boot camp at sunrise

It was the 4th and final week of our first MOVE IT! Outdoor Boot Camp.  It has been a blast!

For four weeks, 27 women have joined Kathryn Burke and I four mornings a week at 6:00 am in Victoria Park.  Each day has been an hour of physical effort, personal growth, camaraderie and transformation.  From running and sprinting to  lunging and squatting (um, ad nauseum it might have seemed), from Big Ropes and water jugs to agility drills, from push ups and grass stains to carrying around picnic tables, these intrepid and spirited women took the early rays of the sun and spun them into a wonderful golden memory replete with good health and vitality.

On the first and last day of the Boot Camp, each participant performed a fitness test:  a 1 km run, 1 minute push up test, 1 minute crunch test, max rep assisted pull up test, and flexibility test.  The changes in 4 weeks were significant!  Wow!  I have been receiving emails and fb messages about lost inches and changing clothes sizes.  And good on each and every one of them!

Last night some of the Boot Campers gathered to enjoy a slide show of their mornings which I put together.  We had some laughs and some ohs of awe.  And then Kathryn presented each of them with an award and a special gift.  Some of us headed off to Fishbones for dinner and drinks.  I wasn’t feeling well yesterday, but it was a great day and such an honour and pleasure to share this time with these inspiring women.

Early in the week I was in a motor vehicle accident and was tidily hit from behind while waiting to make a left turn.  The driver at fault didn’t even see me, so he didn’t touch his brakes.  Cell phone texting?  I don’t know.  It doesn’t much matter. I didn’t see it coming but I clearly remember the sound of my jaw snapping shut…. it ached for two days.  The accident wrote off my car, sadly, and sufficiently damaged his front end that his car couldn’t even be pushed off the road.

Now, if you know me, you know my life is mundane in a lovingly planned and very much appreciated sort of way, but rarely boring.  It seems that life works to keep me entertained and amused, even during stressful times.  The accident was no exception.

Monday afternoon was a warm, sunny holiday afternoon.  Some of us worked while others milled the local neighbourhoods, chatting and lingering, soaking up sunshine and a great sense of community, reveling in the wonder of a warm spring day.  I stood, a bit shaky and dazed, in the parking lot of the motel across the street from the studio.  Joshua, the other driver was attached to his cell phone.  As we were only a couple of blocks from the police station, they were there quickly.  It must have been a slow afternoon as, at one point, there were 3 marked and one unmarked cars on the scene.  Traffic did need to be directed until the tow truck arrived.

It turns out Joshua works in delivery. ..he was delivering KFC.  That stuff, it is now proven, is dangerous in more ways than one. It also seems whoever was to receive this particular delivery was desperate enough for his deep-fried-death to come to the accident scene to pick up his order!  Seriously.  STEP AWAY FROM THE BUCKET SIR AND NO ONE WILL GET HURT! The exchange of the red insulated bag of grease for cash happened before my eyes in the parking lot.  Yeah.

As I stood in the hot sun, the police officers writing their reports in their car, a man wondered up to me and asked if I had jumper cables.  I recall saying no and turning slowly toward him.  He was cradling a sleeping baby raccoon in his arms and I asked if it was real.  It was a surreal moment as I realized the raccoon was sporting purple nail polish on all of its claws as well as a matching bindi – a spot on its forehead.  I know, I know… this sounds bizarre.  It was bizarre.  Enough so that I couldn’t even comment on it at the time and was perplexed.  And, as I’ve related this story over the course of the week, I get very oddly sympathetic looks at about this point in the telling…

Anyway, at the exact moment when I am pondering the nail polish, a woman passing along the sidewalk spots the raccoon, scoots over and quickasawink pulls a camera from her bag, snuggles the raccoon and poses.

Eventually the tow truck arrives and hauls the broken green car onto its flatbed.  The driver crawls under my car to make sure my exhaust is still breathing…yeah, I don’t know what that mean either, but I hoped it meant I wouldn’t asphyxiate if I drove the poor bugger.  The flatbed then pulls into the studio parking lot, as I watch slightly confused, and provides a jump to the dead battery man, for whom the raccoon man was scouting.  It all makes sense, really.

I limp my much appreciated now defunct  ’97 saturn station wagon across the avenue and climb the stairs to the studio….sore and bewildered.

at the scene

Days later, as I relate the afternoon’s events to one of my personal training clients, she interrupts me just as I reach the cusp of bizarre and am about to bamboozle her with the manicure/pedicure/bindi details.  Stealing my now-not-so-thunderous-thunder, she announces/questions if the raccoon was sporting nail polish!  My recovered jaw likely went slack.  Turns out she is fb friends with the paparazzi woman and saw the photo on fb.  I have, somewhat ashamedly, creeped the photo.  I claim it is in defense of my now questionable sanity.  The photo does not provide enough detail to discern the amateur aesthetitian’s services, but it does lend credence to my version of events.

Next week I will see a physiotherapist and a massage therapist.  That will be good.  I hope they don’t have a baby raccoon.

bright & beautiful

This morning, one of the boot campers stopped by the studio with some gorgeous spring flowers.  Thanks.

CanFitPro, the Canadian Association of Fitness Professionals, exists as a leader in fitness and wellness, hosting conferences across Canada and offering a number of fitness and wellness certifications.

Most certifications in the fitness field require fitness professionals to accumulate a certain number of continuing education credits/units each year to keep their certification valid.  This has become easier over the years with on-line offerings, and at-home study programs but they pale in comparison to an in-person hands-on event where the interaction with other fitness professionals enhances the learning.  I’ve been fortunate to attend many such conferences and events over the years.

Each year CanFitPro offers a one-day event in Moncton, NB which is about 200km from my home.  Given the rural nature of Eastern Canada, events hosted in this part of the country are generally small with a limited number of session options.  This year’s event was, at first blush, lacking in variety and relevancy and initially I decided not to attend.  I am so glad I changed my mind.

Before I recap my day let me offer a bit of background.

Training is difficult to come by in Eastern Canada and particularly so in Prince Edward Island.  Islanders frequently bemoan the fact that we must go out of province (off island in the local vernacular) to obtain training.  At one point we had an Island Fitness Council which hosted local training opportunities though few fitfolk availed themselves of these sessions and the Council eventually met its demise due to lack of participation.  Do you see the Catch 22 which exists in this state of affairs?

So, off island we now must go for most of our in-person networking and professional development.   Fitness New Brunswick and Nova Scotia Fitness Association provide us with some opportunities.  CanFitPro likewise.  However, much the same is happening with the CanFitPro conferences as happened with the Island Fitness Council .  Fewer participants means less offerings and less offerings means fewer participants.  Each year the venue changes as CanFitPro struggles/strives to find facilities in the right price range and each year the Eastern conferences dwindle in size.  The trade show which was once a part of the Halifax Conference was dropped a few years ago.  Then came the time when equipment sponsors fell off so all conference sessions are now lecture-based or bodyweight only workouts, not that this is necessarily a bad thing, but it does limit the experience.

The other part of this equation is the fact that many folks working in the fitness field in this neck of the world do so without certification and sometimes little training beyond infomercials and magazines.  I’ve had one such person borrow a pile of my Muscle & Fitness Her mags in order to design her “new program”.  There is also the situation where folks complete a certification but then never bother to maintain that certification.  Case in point, the personal trainer/facility co-owner with a 15 year old certification who has never stepped a foot in a facility other than his own and has never taken advantage of any formal professional development in those 15 years.  I’ve had a personal trainer stop by my studio and tell me about his decision to train clients in their homes because then he can get away with not carrying any professional liability insurance (yikes) and I know plenty of folks who teach classes or do “personal training” with absolutely no experience other than a personal workout history.

Sorry.  My tirade is not really a digression.  This local fitness scene means that there is low demand for professional development opportunities even amongst those who are providing fitness services.

Returning to the conference at hand, I changed my mind about attending not because there was an agenda which would meet my current needs (I have never been in need of CEC’s – I love to learn and attend for that reason.  As a consequent, I am always flush in credits) but because I felt a very strong need to support the opportunities which do exist.  I cannot put myself in the camp of complaining and whining about lack when I do nothing about supporting and providing feedback to that which does exist.

So, off to Moncton I headed at 5:00am Saturday morning.  I participated in 4 sessions, all of which were really quite fantastic, much to my delight and surprise. I left that conference with new skills, ideas, energy, and knowledge from each of those sessions.

Lisa Mastracchio

Lisa Mastracchio, from Quebec and a National Nubody’s Trainer was a great presenter.  She has energy, passion and an engaging training style.  I attended three sessions with her – all ‘workshops’ which means ‘workouts’.  The first, Hi-Lo Muscle Mix at 8:30am took a room full of sleepy bodies, and got our blood pumping, our adrenaline flowing, and our creative juices sloshing.  Superset strength drills combined with simple but effective hi-lo combinations left us in puddles, scribbling notes on soggy papers.

Lisa’s after lunch Kick Butt Boot Camp was crazy full and a controlled frenetic.  She put us through our paces with some great moves and combinations and fantastic bodyweight exercises and cardio drills.  I’ll be using lots of these moves and patterns in the MOVE IT Boot Camp I’ll be co-shouting in May.  I’m pretty excited about the prospect.

I ended the day with a third Lisa M session on Core Conditioning.  I have a lot of training in this area and found some of this session to be excellent.  I was concerned, however, with many of the V sit variations, particularly when I scanned the room to find at least 90% of the fitness professionals unable to maintain good, i.e. safe, form.  A good portion of the workshop exercises I would never use in a group class format but might in personal and small group training.

Mark Stone

The other session I attended was with Mark Stone of the C.H.E.K. Institute and North Shore Smart Bodies.  The session was called Muscles and Movement in 3D.  Mark gave us a great lecture on functional muscle activation, walked us through a few muscle imbalance diagnostics and then gave us some great corrective prescriptions.  I have taken some training from Paul Chek and have a certification in Scientific Core Training from C.H.E.K. Institute and so was amused at the similarity in presenting style between Mark and Paul.  This was a good session and gave us a chance to work with partners for the diagnostics and correctives.

So, CanFitPro, thank you.  Moncton was an invaluable experience and I am so pleased to bring to my work fresh, cutting edge, best practice methods of training.  My clients and class participants deserve no less than this.

class schedule



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