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enhance my life

i am quite excited to open the studio for COMPLIMENTARY workout time.

yes, it is sunday on the house!

it is sunday. sleep in. spoon a bit with someone warm and/or furry and/or virtual and/or reptilian — hopefully not all 4 at one and the same time. ewwww. sip a coffee. then get your relaxed backside out of bed and come sweat a sunday workout.


you know your inner fitness freak really wants to, so, how could it get any better??!

heck, bring your coffee with you and, yuppers, jammies really are workout wear!

the studio, there for your considerate and considered use, is:
– open to current clients and non-clients. you do not have to be a studio regular, past or present, or a private client to feel free to drop in
– all equipment will be available for use. well as long as you know how to use it and do so respectfully (you really don’t want to see my cringe-y face). kettlebells require specific instruction prior to on the house availability, so get in touch with me if you’d like some specific instruction
-workouts will be self-directed, that is, not led by an instructor, though i will be present and available for assistance if needed. also, if you’d like a workout template/program, i am willing to provide basics and progressions – you just need to request in advance

bebold1if there is interest, a sunday morning powerlifting group can be established. movement instruction and testing 1RMs would be done on specific dates and progression programs provided. let me know and we’ll set some dates.

and if you wonder why i’d open the studio door wide for most anyone, it is because the space is there and awesome and wants to be used. it is because you should be able to access stuff and space you need to enhance your fitness. it is because strong is good, very good indeed. it is because i need to get out of bed and travel into charlottetown one more morning a week. (if you can figure out which one of these reasons does not belong, i’ll buy you a coffee).

so, drop in. have fun. get fitter.



clubbells and kettlebells

In kettlebell training group today I thought I’d throw a circuit onto folks, just to shake it up a bit from our usual format.  It was a touch chaotic,  required some new skills, demanded focus, and created some sweat.  It was a challenge to me too as I dropped my gymboss (one of the best interval timers I’ve come across) and I ended up trying to track the work/rest intervals on the wall clock while assisting folks at circuit stations.  Some of those work intervals were a bit long . . .

If you have never tried to stir the pot, check out the video below.  This is one of the greatest core exercises of all times – always a challenge!!

It was a fun class to teach and it is always the spirit of those in the room which make my days happy and full.

30 seconds on, 20 seconds recovery

A variety of kettlebell sizes were around the room, ranging from 8kg to 16kg, the clubbells were 10 lbs each, the rope was 1.5 inch 30 ft long

Round 1

  • 2 kettlebell farmers carry step ups with 4 risers
  • sumo squats
  • alternating snatches
  • 2 kettlebell chest press
  • TGU crunch left
  • TGU crunch right
  • swing – catch – squat
  • battling rope alternating wave
  • clubbell pendulum
  • lunge squat combo
  • stir the pot, clockwise
  • stir the pot, counter clockwise

Round 2

  • repeat round 1

Round 3

  • 2 kettlebell farmers carry step ups with 6 risers
  • sumo squats on 2 BOSUs
  • alternating snatch & lunge combo
  • 2 kettlebell chest press in bridge position on BOSU
  • TGU crunch left
  • TGU crunch right
  • swing squats
  • battling rope alternating wave with squats
  • clubbell pendulum with lunge
  • lunge squat combo on BOSU
  • stir the pot, clockwise
  • stir the pot, counterclockwise


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