a beautiful low ceilinged sky this morning, the cloud cover undulating in dove, oyster, and field mouse grays. it is quiet. birds sing softly amidst the green cloaking of the thickets, where the deciduous are fully unfurled and stately in their leafy glory.  apple blossoms have long since passed, their petals no longer gathering in the shadows of 84126340_347802479520342_2843262775589787673_n (1)crumbling roadside asphalt.  in their stead, lupins are in evidence, brightly purpling the ditches, patiently waiting for the mallows to emerge and ferns stand as short forests, like hedgerows along the highway.  fields of dandelions gone to seed sway in the light easterly breeze, billowy stands of feasts for goldfinches.

my run today is also quiet. a quiet mind, but a heart active with the emotive reactions to this gentle landscape of which i am simply a small part.  emotions, like tidal movements, washing up on the shores of my heart, frothy foamy, then falling away with a tickly trickly effervescence.  no need, today, to hold on to any of them nor need to push them away. they simply arise, peak, and dissipate, in ebbing and waning cycles as my feet, too, patter a steady metre.

foot fall, heart beat, breath.


having compassion starts and ends with having compassion for all those unwanted parts of ourselves, all those imperfections that we don’t even want to look at.

~pema chodron