quality of our life

it feels rather unreal, that a month has passed since the whole way health & fitness studio closed.

the days have passed, each in abundance and fullness, with so much to be grateful for. still, i have not managed to organize, adequately, how i will continue to serve.

i spent 13 hours this month training in nova scotia with Julie Palmer of Yoga4all. along with 19 other aspirants, i learned about and explored Chair Yoga For Seniors.  i had taken this training 3 years ago, but had not, it ended uchairyttgroupp, ever taught a Chair Yoga Class. so, with teaching foremost on my mind, i renewed and refreshed, and i am so very glad i did.

i taught my first Chair Yoga Class at Now N Zen in Stratford, PE last week. it was intriguing to design the class and so fun to teach. the participants, already chair yoga practitioners, were so gracious and welcoming. it was such a heartful experience. i am excited for our future classes together.

also excited for the Chair Yoga Classes i will be teaching in Montague! at AFE beginning May 2nd.

the Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging, University of Western Ontario, was on island providing training.  i was fortunate to attend as a delegate of Seniors College, for whom i teach Yoga and Meditation classes.  we trained in a number of Functional Assessment Measures (FAM) and i was particularly excited and inspired by the brilliantly designed Tiered Exercise Program (TEP). i will be implementing so much of what i learned across a number of classes i teach.

kelleri also managed to get to 3 out of 4 sessions offered by Doug Keller of Doyoga in Charlottetown this month. these workshops focused on Sacral Stability, Bandhas and the Breath, with so much goodness for shoulders added in. there is always so much to learn from Doug, that my head and heart spin in these sessions.

during the month, my brother arrived from ON with a van load of my mom’s belongings … furnishings, clothing, clothing, clothing.  integrating our things with her things with studio things means narrow passage ways and boxes galore. someday they may or may not all be unpacked.

having mom join our household has been an adventure. i keep thinking i would like to blog this part of life. perhaps i’ll get to it.

today i completed three tax returns.


love, wendy