a home run in Sydney River, Cape Breton

a home run in Sydney River, Cape Breton

the first half of 2014 ends in just a few days.

so far, the year has brought me amazing opportunities, shifts in perspective, major life transitions, and health challenges.

as june sets and july dawns, i sit content amongst the 5 years of studio life which are strewn in my heart and mind, i launch into clubbell yoga,  a new offering about which i am so very excited, embark on an ongoing quest to right some health issues, including a few specialist visits and a candida elimination diet, and travel a last time to cape breton island to pack up the remnants of my mom’s life, and my home ties.

one fall, i run along the beauty which is cape breton. i run through seasons, somnolent.  and when i awaken, it is to come upon a summer where cape breton is no longer home.

it’s a tumbling world.

you keep me grounded. thank you.