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healthy, fit bodies require good food, regular sleep, loving companionship, intellectual stimulation, a sense of purpose and kettlebell training.

four years ago this month, i asked a number of kettlebell class participants how they might, in one sentence, describe their kettlebell experience, or their relationship with kettlebell training. even though some of them had trouble reducing it to one sentence, here’s some of the beauty:

In kettlebell class I feel the strongest I’ve ever felt….like I can move mountains…and take on the world…one swing at time…its the single best exercise class I’ve ever experienced!  ~ Sharon

It is a love-hate relationship, but the rewards are awesome!!!  ~ Anne

Kettlebells. One hour devoted solely to you. To push yourself farther than you thought, and then succeed!!!  ~ Debbie

My heart, my life. ~ Sue

A challenging, self-motivating workout. ~ Wendy

It has truly changed my life, physically and mentally. Made me strong, physically and mentally. Made me relook at what I am capable of; I was shortchanging myself for years. ~ Sue

You want us to do WHAT?? ~ Dianne

learn all you need to know about kettlebell training at a complimentary Kettlebell Skills Clinic.

Saturday March 15th at 9:30am

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