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in february passed, certified ChiRunning Instructor, Eric Collard, brought his skill, knowledge and enthusiasm to PEI.

on a warm and sunny winter afternoon, he led eight of us through an amazing  workshop.

as an avid runner who has overcome a serious back injury, Eric says ChiRunning® is a natural fit for him. it really helped him bring joy back to running while making him a more efficient runner. he describes using the technique as ‘yoga-like’ and the ‘thinking man’s [woman’s] running’.  ChiRunning, he says, makes you learn that everything truly comes from the core.

Eric is returning to PEI on january 18, 2014 to again offer an Intro to ChiRunning program. there is very little actual “running” in the workshop. rather time is spent concentrating on form and getting the basics down. there is a lot to learn in a short time!

he does these workshops in very small groups so he can concentrate on giving feedback to everyone on their technique. he also answer questions during the break and at the end of the day so everyone can get something beneficial and personalized out of the workshop.

Shannon Murray, a faculty member at UPEI, attended Eric’s 2013 island workshop. Shannon has completed 2 full marathons and 14 half marathons.

“The Chi Running workshop helped me rethink my running in so many ways. I’m already seeing the benefits of the subtle changes in cadence and posture. And Eric is a very clear and patient coach! “

the february 2013 workshop was also attended by nonrunners, sporadic runners and previously injured runners.  all had a great time at the workshop and a beneficial experience working with Eric.

i am really pleased to host Eric again. you can find registration information on his website

after the 2013 workshop, Eric joined our Coldest Night of The Year Team and took a walk around Charlottetown with us to raise funds for Harvest House.

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