tooooday 045

i have thought about urban poling off and on for years. i did some on-line research and thought about how fun it might be in a city setting and how accessible an activity it would be for the general public.

as i age, i look toward fun activities i can participate in safely. urban poling seemed to be another of those.

i wondered whether it would work for a barefooter, like me.

several months ago i was contacted by Barb Gormley of Fitness Business Canada Magazine regarding an article they were writing. i quickly recognized her name as connected with urban poling and took the op to ask a few questions. that brief conversation was all i needed.

so now, here i am, in the process of writing my exam for Level 1 Nordic Walking Certification. it is good stuff.

from Canadian Living on line:

because you’re using your upper and lower body, you’re targeting more muscles than you do when just walking – and getting a better cardio workout. studies show that Nordic walking burns 25 to 40 per cent more calories than regular walking, while helping to improve your posture, strengthen your core and tone your arms, legs and butt. It’s also a great rehabilitation tool, especially for anyone with knee or hip issues … because it helps relieve stress on the joints.

tooooday 026the sun was shining bright today. one of our first warmish and warming spring days. and, i finished work early. so there it was, my first opportunity to test drive my nordic walking poles. they are sleek, easy to adjust for height, light weight, and there is a short learning curve.

all the urban poling literature and videos make reference to the ‘heel to toe’ foot strike. as a barefooter, i no longer heel strike, not even when walking. i was jubilant to find i could still strike midfoot and use the poles efficiently.

tooooday 04080 minutes of walking, with a few stops to listen to woodpeckers, snap a photo, bask in the sun upon my face, offer gratitude for a haymarket martyrs and all since who have been courageous warriors for workers’ rights.

i have never met a wednesday with a hump in it.