kbellswell, it is the time of year when many formal indoor fitness activities give way to living life BIG in the great outdoors. as it should be.

it is also the time of year when i scale back my Kettlebell Skills Clinics, so if you don’t jump on one soon, you might not have another opportunity before fall to find out just how fantastic kettlebells are as a tool for transforming your body, even your mind. truly.

one kettlebeller says:

in kettlebell class i feel the strongest i’ve ever felt, like i can move mountains … and take on the world … one swing at a time. it’s the single best exercise class i’ve ever experienced.

the Kettlebells Skills Clinic will allow you to learn the basic movement patterns of kettlebell training. when properly programmed, kettlebell training provides cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, endurance, power, flexibility, balance and core conditioning all in one intense workout.

the next clinic is scheduled for:

9:30am saturday may 4th

please call wendy at 894-8943 or by email at thewholeway@wendychappell.com to register