a great kettlebell workout always leaves you, ummm, wanting more …

healthy, fit bodies require good food, regular sleep, loving companionship, intellectual stimulation, a sense of purpose and kettlebell training.


learn all you need to know about kettlebell training at a complimentary Kettlebell Skills Clinic.

Saturday September 15th at 12:30pm


Tuesday September 25th at 5:50pm

please register in advance by contacting wendy.  902.894.8943  or thewholeway@wendychappell.com

it is time to let Kettlebell Training change how you think about fitness, exercise, and your wellbeing!

jane found kettlebells 3 years ago. (yeah, that’s her in the picture, laying on the floor, in a kettlebell workout bliss). she is still hooked on them as tools of transformation. though her addiction has waxed and waned over the past year, if you come to class, you’ll meet her and her disruptive spirit. everyone needs a jane in their workout day. take a moment to read her story.

p.s. tell your friends about the clinic, i bet they are interested!