for those of you who know me well, you know i’m a bit of a tea lover.

okay, okay i’m more than a bit of a tea lover. i am, unabashedly, a tea slut (i do hope i don’t offend the fine lady baker with such indelicate language but full disclosure is always best).

so, i have a large selection of davids tea which started with a gift of exotica from the amazing jane.

i have a variety of delights from the algonquin tea company.

i recently won some herbal philosophy teas (which i’ll post about soon).

but, i’ve come to love and very much appreciate our local tea lady, lady baker’s tea trolley, most of all.

so, when i chatted with the lady baker about a sleepy time tea, she went right to work on it.

first she sourced some valerian and then she began her tea wizardry.

ni-night tea is the first of her bed time blends and i am pleased as punch to be the official tea tester.

the combination of chamomile + lemongrass + valerian + peppermint in some fine balance known only in the tea lab of the lady, brews into a light, gently minted slightly lemony tea, pleasant to sniff and lovely to sip. chamomile for its sedative properties, valerian to quiet anxieties and restlessness, peppermint to clear the mind and settle the gastrointestinal tract, lemongrass for relaxation and deep sleep.

wow, what a brew! this is the mix i’ve been looking for. i steeped a cup before bed the past two nights and can report uninterrupted sleeps, restorative in nature both nights. i fell to sleep quickly and awoke fresh and refreshed.

thanks lady baker and lady baker’s tea trolley. i think there are others already wanting to sleep with you!