kettlebells with a kick

warm up: 3 minutes jump rope. 45 seconds each: ginga, walk outs, side lunges, frankensteins, deep squat to sky, shoulder rotations

swing ladder:

  • 20 swings, 10 slingshots cw
  • 25 swings, 10 slingshots cc
  • 30 swings, 10 slingshots cw
  • 35 swings, 10 slingshots cc

circuit 1: 35 seconds/movement

  • rack left, rear right lunge with kick
  • rack right, rear left lunge with kick
  • around the world, cc
  • snatch left
  • snatch right
  • around the world, cw

circuit 2:35 seconds/movement

  • single leg deadlift chest to lower with press, left leg
  • single leg deadlift chest to lower with press, right leg
  • bottoms up X jumps
  • single leg touches, stand left, left leg support, touch with left hand
  • single leg touches, stand right, right leg support, touch with right hand
  • bottoms up X jumps


  • fighter stance level change plyos
  • alternating with jack + split squats

circuit 3:  35 seconds/movement

  • fighter stance clean with front kick, right
  • fighter stance clean with front kick, left
  • good morning sunshine (bottoms up good morning to triceps extension to halo to good morning)
  • bottoms up 1/2 good fridays, alternating left right
  • military press left
  • military press right


  • high mountain climbers (mount albion ass kickers)
  • alternating with kettlebell swings

kettlebell side bends

  • 30 seconds left/right x 3


  • 1/2 getups
  • alternating with leg up side plank dips

this workout was a lot of fun with awesome cardiovascular demand.  the studio warriors took this on, with panache, saturday. montague warriors have something to look forward to. 🙂