do not get them wet, do not feed them after midnight, do not expose them to bright light

in the studio this morning.


10 intrepids: christine, jane, udo, mary lou, tracey, kelly, sherri, zoey, paula, lorna.

arranged in an arc. strong & resilient in this rainbowlike formation.

an array of kettlebells, varying in weights, at their feet.

kettlebells made wet, fed after midnight, exposed to bright light, aching to move.

a group — people and kettlebells — always ready to stand up to a workout.

that was no bravado in the depth of their eyes, that was the real deal.

saturday gremlins (do this at home)

warm up: jump rope and kettlebell joint mobility.

tabata 1

  • dbl kettlebell deadlift alternating with mountain climbers

tabata 2

  • dbl kettlebell swings alternating with jump squats

tabata 3

  • dbl kettlebell bent over seesaw rows alternating with strides

tabata 4

  • dbl kettlebell rack squats alternating with rumble runs w/ drops

tabata 5

  • dbl kettlebell seesaw push presses alternating with push off side lunges

tabata 6

  • dbl kettlebell alternating pick up lunges alternating with burpees

tabata 7

  • one kettlebell in rack, one kettlebell in overhead lockout walking figure 8’s alternating with front plank

tabata 8

  • dbl kettlebell chest press alternating with hollow body hold