i’ve been following the work of lauren brooks of on the edge fitness for quite a while. i think i first started watching some of her kettlebell demo videos about 4 years ago, followed along as she performed some new baby chloe workouts and have watched her gain skill, momentum, confidence and strength.

about 4 months ago i ordered her kettlebell lightening dvd and pre-ordered this, her first book.

the dvd did not disappoint (i’ll post a review of it in the not so distant future) and i anticipated the release and arrival of the book.

lauren has years of experience and loads of qualifications in the health and fitness field. she has produced a number of kettlebell dvd’s, including a three volume series, the ultimate body sculpt and conditioning with kettlebells, and baby bells, a dvd of kettlebell training for pregnancy.

so, what’s to love about the book? lots!

  •  a short but sufficient overview of kettlebells – their history, the benefits of using them, how to know which kettlebells to buy
  • a well laid out 12 week kettlebell training program, beginning at foundation movements and fat loss, progressing to strength and fat burning, and culminating with powerhouse strength and conditioning. each 4 week level includes a level-specific warm up and five workouts, each sweetened with a metabolic conditioning tabata
  • pages upon pages of movement skills with pictures and clear, concise explanations, useful tips and cautions.
  • warm up, joint mobility and cool down movements

the book is meant for all levels of fitness. women new to kettlebell training will find lauren’s progressions and explanations reassuring, lacking intimidation. intermediate and/or advanced kettlebell users will be able to craft a fun, diverse training program from lauren’s clear charts.

so, want to advance your training with kettlebells? want to sculpt your strong and sexy body? lauren brooks can take you there.

but, if you are new to kettlebell training, great photos and clear explanations cannot replace a certified and experienced kettlebell coach. learning to use kettlebells safely and efficiently requires inspired coaching and skilled feedback/correction. and, while lauren’s background is RKC (Russian Kettlebell Certification), there are excellent coaches with top notch certs other than RKC.

this book is a fine distillation of lauren’s expertise. i’m so glad she put it together.

idiosyncratically, the only thing i didn’t like about this book was its physical size. i go no where without my current read, and this book was not a convenient tuck into my purse.

interested in working out in a way which will create fast, functional change in your body composition? kettlebell training. get some!








this is a nicely instructive, well illustrated