have you wondered if kettlebell training is right for you?

because, honestly, it isn’t for everyone.

not that the vast majority of people wouldn’t benefit from kettlebell training. surely they could, and would.

but this style of working out — moving body, moving weight with intensity and mindfulness, being fully present in the movement, pushing through and beyond personal boundaries –  is not where everyone wants to be with their functional fitness.

so, whether you’re ready to jump into this amazing means of changing your life or whether you’re simply curious if it is for you, a Kettlebell Skills Clinic will teach you the basic movement skills and give you a no obligation way of making a decision. bring a partner or friend.

Monday April 23rd 6pm – 7:30pm

2nd Floor, 306 University Avenue


please pre-register by calling wendy at 894-8943 or emailing her at thewholeway@wendychappell.com

if you’re still not beyond the wondering stage, you might want to read these words by someone a lot like you. while already in her 40’s,  Tracy Reifkind, lost 120 pounds and changed her life by swinging a kettlebell:

Tracy - before & after kettlebells came into her life


The kettlebell can help you build strength and endurance, improve flexibility, and promote weight loss. It’s an all-in-one, multifunctional, multitasking ball of wonder. There is simply no other single exercise method or tool that can change your body as completely or as quickly as the kettlebell.