photo courtesy of the most amazing jane magrath

I am not much into the lingo of ‘weight loss’.  I don’t talk about ‘fat burning’ workouts or exercises. I rarely talk about exercise for ‘caloric expenditure’ though I might be heard to speak of metabolic issues.

I have plenty of good reasons to not talk about these things, use them in advertising, or rely on promises of weight loss in order to promote my services. Hmmm, those reasons just might make great content in a future blog post.

Today is the exception. Today I am going to share a compilation of research findings, conducted by the American Council on Exercise, on calories burned per minute. Credit for the compilation goes to Josh Hillis, a personal trainer and amazing RKC instructor who frequently talks about fat loss.

You might note that kettlebells are incinerators, weapons of ass destruction, metabolic masters. Those of us using them already know this.

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