Have you wondered if kettlebell training is right for you?

Because, honestly, it isn’t for everyone.

Not that the vast majority of people wouldn’t benefit from kettlebell training. Surely they could, and would.

But this style of working out — moving body, moving weight with intensity and mindfulness —  is not where everyone wants to be with their functional fitness.

Whether you’re ready to jump into this amazing means of changing your life or whether you’re simply curious if it is for you, a Kettlebell Skills Clinic will teach you the basic movement skills and give you a no obligation way of making a decision.

So, watch this

and now, fit one of these Kettlebell Skills Clinics into your schedule:

Saturday November 19th, 11:00am


Wednesday December 7th, 5:30pm

contact Wendy at 894.8943 or by email at thewholeway@wendychappell.com or on twitter @thewholeway to pre-register or for information.