Really, I just want to tell you about my thrombophlebitis and my CEP compression sleeves, but I think I’m going to wander. Not far though.

Work is a bit too busy. I have op to run only on Sunday mornings of late; one run a week in the past 6 weeks or so…not an auspicious running schedule. I wish for more now that the morning sun beckons and birds attempt to trill me out the door. August may be the magic.

Since last fall I’ve had some issues with thrombophlebitis.  Yeah, along with chilblains and gout, I too thought phlebitis was an old man disease, belonging to my grandfather as he sashed up his hernias and wore odd leg suspenders. Oh, and he did.

Apparently, it is not. It is, along with bilaterial adhesive capsulitis and Baker’s cyst, an issue which can, and in fact will, roost in my  body. I am the repository of all things odd, and thrombophlebitis is here to teach me something.

It is caused by a blood clot in the vein. In my case, at a surface level.  Should I worry? I’m not sure, but I do not.

I am glad I can run again (cyst-er is fading, being the primary obstacle to running since December). I can embrace this phlebitis – even now the name is becoming lyrical on my lips – which is now me.

The phlebitis. It is a surface phlebitis. A vein which passes mid shin, across my sharp and jagged shin bone. Movement of most kinds seems to cause and/or aggravate inflammation in this vein.  It is painful. Running, jumping, jumping rope, running stairs: all seem to be antagonistic to the delicacy of this quarter inch of vein. Imagine me with anything you might consider ‘delicate’.

I wondered if additional support might help. If that vein had no opportunity to rub or be jostled against my shin bone, would the pain abate?

I purchased a pair of CEP compression sleeves and….life is good.

I can run with my sleeves on and have NO pain; not a TOUCH of discomfort.

This amazes me. Totally.

This morning I ran a bit more than 5k. The compression sleeves, hard to get on and off, leave me with absolutely phlebitis pain free and my calves recover well from the run too as a result of the sleeves.

I have so much more to say but no time. I hope you run strong and healthy!

Here’s a short vid of my running in sleeves: