Scarcity of self value cannot be remedied by money, recognition, affection, attention or influence.  ~ Gary Zukav

Runway models. Fitness competition models.

I look at the photos above and I don’t see any difference between the women on the left and the women on the right.  So, I wonder if there is/are difference(s).

Both groups of women spend an inordinate amount of their waking hours acutely aware of  and involved in activities which help them achieve and maintain their physical bodies in a very specific form.

Both groups of women are judged (in their depicted vocations) solely on their physical appearance. Usually this involves focused, specific, unhealthy attention to minute bits and pieces of their bodies.

What they eat and when.

How they move and hold their bodies, the angles of their hands, the turn their heads.

What they wear & how it looks on them.

Their skin tone and hairstyle.

How they walk in (very high) heels.

The amount of energy devoted to each of these activities in likely not much different.  Nor, would I venture, is one pursuit – runway model vs. fitness model – more noble or healthier than the other.  Both are caught in the same spin of social cultural  pressures to obsess over food, over make up and clothing and hairstyles, over body shape and how their/our bodies appear to others.

Measuring up to only ourselves, to who we truly are, is such a challenge in this world.

Think kind thoughts of gratitude towards your body. Try not to abuse it with deprivation, excess, or an over-attention to how it looks.

Find a strong antidote to to worrying about body and body image; worry less about how you appear to others.

Focus on living a right life, a life of generosity, compassion and mindfulness. Extend these qualities first to yourself so that you may then extend them fully to others.

Kick off the lucite heels, or dreams of them, and truly get on with living your life.