Well, it is the time of year when many formal indoor fitness activities give way to living life BIG in the great outdoors. Just as it should be.

It is also the time of year when I scale back my Kettlebell Skills Clinics. So, if you don’t jump on this one, you might not have another opportunity before fall to find out just how fantastic kettlebells are as a body transformative tool. Truly.

Here is what folks say about kettlebell training:

In Kettlebell Class I feel the strongest I’ve ever felt, like I can move mountains…and take on the world…one swing at a time. It’s the single best exercise class I’ve ever experienced.

I would describe my relationship with kettlebells and training as “a challenging path of confidence, stamina, and perseverance; character building towards complete strength, elegance and gracefulness”.

You might describe your experience with Kettlebell Training differently.  But first, you’d have to be Kettlebell Training!

Kettlebell Skills Clinic

Saturday June 18th at 11:15am

Register by calling 894-8943 or emailing thewholeway@wendychappell.com