I conduct a kettlebell class at 8:30am on Saturday mornings.  I have, on occasion, set this up as a kettlebell circuit in order to offer up a chance to play with other toys in the studio — such as the heavy ropes, clubbells, trx trainers, bosus, gymsticks, sandbags, equalizers, med balls, gliders, stability balls, weight vest. You get the picture.

The circuit classes are fresh and fun so they are popular and in demand.  Their popularity has led to them becoming a regular feature on the first saturday of the month.

This past saturday, the energy, and intention in the studio had a definite playful quality to it.  It reminded me of children, raw and naturally enthused, joyfully playing all-out, exhausted from one activity but eager to take on the next.

Here’s the kettlebell gymbooree workout:

50 seconds work/20 seconds recovery & transition time. Allow 10 seconds additional recovery time between rounds.

Round 1:

Round 2:

  • Kettlebell alternating tactical lunge
  • Glider crossunders
  • TRX hamstring curl
  • Walking kettlebell swings
  • Glider Mt. Climbers
  • Kettelbell hip lifts

Round 3:

Round 4:

  • 1 1/2 rep bottoms up kettlebell squat
  • Clubbell tick tocks
  • TRX triceps extensions
  • Kettlebell drag
  • Plyometric squats
  • Kettlebell crunch

Tough and satisfying, this workout was so much fun to watch! I’m betting those who completed it were well satisfied too!