(this is not my door, but you get the idea...)

The beep of my morning alarm roused me from sleep in a cold, dark house this morning. The power was off and must have been for a while given the lack of ambient warmth in the house. This was enough to keep us in bed – spooning and troubleshooting – through two snooze button bouts.

For me, the lack of power meant no hot water for a shower, my equivalent of his need for a pot of thick nerve-jangling coffee.

  • Ingenuity Blast #1 We decided we’d head into Charlottetown early where I could bird bath at the studio before class and he could Tim Horton it along the way.

As a parenthetical aside, the power outage also meant I had no access to the internet and could not provide the Saturday morning kettlebellers with a “Yes, class is ON, bust your butt to get there!” This, in the end, caused a bit of a much appreciated stir on twitter.

So, to the garage where we had to disconnect the electric door opener….only to find the garage door frozen shut!

  • Ingenuity Blast #2 The caffeine deficit seem to release MacGyverMan. He seized the crowbar from the garage wall, broke the ice dams and pried the protesting door open. It was a sight!

The side trip into Montague, well to Montague Tim Horton’s, was in vain. The power outage was more widespread than we anticipated.  The next 45 – 50 minute drive was going to take place in a painful place of synaptic fog and holy-christ-where’s-the-road whiteouts.  Driving frequently on the wrong side of the road due to uberdrifting in zero visibility filled the java-starved spaces with a sufficient adrenaline pump to stay alert. Edgy even.

Seriously? The vehicle ahead of us in the drive-thru at Tim Horton’s after the Hillsborough bridge?  Not. Moving. Fast. Enough.

We arrived at the studio close to an hour later, just before 8:00am.  Not the Phew! experience I was looking for.  That bitterly cold wind rocked us as we tried and tried and tried to get the key into the lock of the outside door.  Ice-filled! Frozen! It was just not happening! So, we retreated to the calm and relative warmth of the car for another round of troubleshooting.  By now, our brains were exploding and we hadn’t even had a hot meal yet!

After a laughable attempt to warm the key with the coffee before inserting it into the ice-laden door loack <insert guffaw here> and an equally pathetic tossing of windshield antifreeze at the problem, there was

  • Ingenuity Blast #3 A quick trip to Shoppers Drug Mart a few blocks away where I purchased a $30. (the cheapest on the shelf!) blow dryer in cross-my-fingers double hopes that the exterior electrical outlet beside the studio door was live and that the cord on this $30 dollar small appliance would be long enough.

It was and it was.

Now that the door was unlocked, we needed only to chip, chip, chip, chip, chip away at the ice build up on the entrance deck in order to open the door far enough to get inside.

So, by 8:24ish I was in the studio. Willing someone…anyone…to arrive for class.

Cars pulled in to the parking lot!  With a 5 minute delay, kettlebell class happened. Not straight up, but instead it was a wonderfully social and gay event!

Sincerely I say… Thank you all!

Thanks to all of you on twitter who were busy tweeting your concerns about my safety and sharing info as you received it – I could get a bit teary if I dwelled on your warm-heartedness!

Thanks to those of you who showed up for class – you made it all more than worthwhile & the laughs were grander than the sweat!

Thanks to Udo for finding his inner MacGyver in spite of caffeine DT’s – I’m going to believe it was the extra spooning that got us there!