On January 8th, Fitness For A Cause was held in the studio. The idea was to showcase a number of fitness classes and training options with hopes of inspiring folks to start or try something new with respect to activity.  Early in the new year seems a fitting time, when many make resolutions with respect to healthy living choices.

The idea is not an original, though the event has fallen by the wayside in recent years in Charlottetown. I thought I’d resurrect it. I mean, what could be more fun than a day filled with energy, enthusiasm and intrepid participants.

I wasn’t wrong.

And, in addition to introducing folks to exercise options, the proceeds from the day were donated to a local charity.  There cannot be a single wrong thing with such a day!

The studio doesn’t offer a lot of space, so the event was small.  Six amazing and magnanimous health & fitness professionals donated their time, their skills and their inspiring personalities to offer up six great sessions. I offered up the space and taught a class too.

It was a great day and yesterday I kept hearing from people with sore body parts, so we know they had a blast!

9:00am boot camp circuit

10:00am turbo

11:00am kettlebell training

1:00pm bellyfit

2:00pm drums alive


There was also a truly informative Nutrition Session with fantastic immunity-boosting tips and a find-your-inner-child joyous and joyful YogaDance session.  I sincerely apologize for not having pics from these sessions.

All in all, a mound of sopping gym towels, a shameful amount of empty water bottles and about 125 sweaty person hours completed the day.

I think everyone had a good deal of fun, had their fitness interests piqued and….they gave $541.oo of their generousity to SAGE PEI!


I want to thank Isabelle Killorn, Susan Walsh, Alison Shields, Kathryn Burke, Anna LaCroix, Mary MacPhee, Choyce Chappell and Udo Krautwurst for donating teaching time and/or for many behind the scenes hours  to make the day work. You all made my job of coordinating the day so very easy.

I also want to send out a big HOOYAH!! to each and every participant. I hope you got everything you needed out of the day to continue on your amazing health journies. Find what you love and do it til your heart bleeds!

Eat clean, move every day, breathe deeply, laugh daily, still your mind.

Gratitude is the memory of the heart. ~ Jean Baptiste Massieu