Unlike housework which, when done correctly, can kill you, kettlebell training builds your body, your stamina, your mental toughness and your spirit.

Still skeptical?  Hesitant? Nervous? Scared S***less? Just not sure?  Check out any or all of these stories — I paid each of them gazillions of $$ to say wonderful things about kettlebell training, but you might find their stories incredibly motivating nonetheless. Just click and be amazed at the wonders that they are. Because they truly are. Wonders. Inspirations.

Okay, so now you are totally inspired! How could you be otherwise? Now you’re thinking you could pick up a cast iron ball by the handle and create your own most amazing story. And, you can. Most definitely you can. That could be you!

Learn how, at a Kettlebell Skills Clinic this month.

Thursday January 13th at 7:00pm


Saturday January 22nd at 11:15am

The clinic is FREE, you just need to register. How easy is that?  Step up to a kettlebell…it just might change your life.

894.8943 or thewholeway@wendychappell.com to register

I’m holding a spot for you!