I first came across Fitness For A Cause (Fitness For Charity) quite a few years ago when local fitness instructor was organizing them and I was fortunate to participate for a couple of years.  The large event hasn’t happened for a few years and I thought I’d try to pull off a smaller scale event this year.

Fitness For A Cause is held the first weekend of the new year (well, this year with new year’s day falling on a saturday, the second weekend seemed a better choice). It is meant to provide the public with a variety of fitness classes to try out. You know, providing some motivation and new energy to flagging fitness routines or newly resolved personal wellness programs.

Fitness Instructors volunteer their time and skills to make this day happen. The proceeds from the event are donated.

This year’s monies will go to SAGE.  SAGE is a volunteer organization committed to empowering survivors and educating communities to prevent child sexual abuse.  SAGE was picked because it is a grassroots effort organized around such an important issue.

So, on Saturday January 8th, come on out and try a new class or two.   Here’s the day’s line up:

  • 9:00am  Boot Camp Circuit with Wendy Chappell
  • 10:00am Turbo with Isabelle Killorn
  • 11:00am Kettlebell Training with Susan Walsh
  • 12:00pm Nutritional Seminar with Alison Shields
  • 1:00pm BellyFit with Kathryn Burke
  • 2:00pm Drums Alive with Anna LaCroix
  • 3:00pm YogaDance with Mary MacPhee

Take any one class for $6., any two for $10., or pay for a day pass at just $15.

We have a generosity policy which allows you to offer whatever you can afford.

Classes are filled on a first come first served basis.

This is going to be a blast. Grab a sibling, friend, colleague, or neighbour and get here. There’s something for everyone and all classes are sutied for all fitness levels.

Don’t miss it!

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