There are very few days of the year when I fail to feel my insignificance and be grateful for it. There are few moments when I fall short of being moved by the magnificence of others and all that is so much more than I can ever be.

I am created, in each and every moment, by the ripples of others. By the ripples of you. Sweet, gooey, can-never-get-enough butterscotch ripples.

I am grateful for the gentleness of your swells, the passions of your surges, the soft, persistent, instructive hunger of your troughs and swales.

This now, as last year’s now,  is an unchanging wavering, an inconstant permanence, a metastasizing durability. A mystery. A life.

Shall we seek, shall we find, shall we know:


deep abiding peace

emancipation from fear, worry, anxiety

a life shared

an intimacy where the graze of a simple fingertip ignites our fire

moist heady spooning

a kind and loving intention to give, to give, to give and to receive

nourishment from the happiness buffet

generosity of spirit


a sense of innocence tempered with blushing common sense

an impish grin, a rascally spirit, a playful heart

simplicity of needs

scarcity of want

vibrant colours, raptures of redolence, auricular glory

wildly dancing feet, sovereign soft soles

sovereign soft souls

gratitude sighed in each and every bodily pore

recognition of all being sacred

spiritual ecstacy

freedom from deprivation

freedom from excess

a silent mind

connection to self and to others

passion for life

unshackling of our materialism

whimsy, giggles, bursting-ripe belly laughs

willingness to give without judgement

a celebration of diversity

a deep murmuring burbling knowledge of our own truth

integrity of principles

principled actions

a cohesive, pervasive, compassionate worldview

respect for all other truths

an ability to lighten up

wide busting grins

sacred ticklish spots

the preciousness of our insignificance

blessed being