stability ball jackknife

From early May to mid October, I co-shouted an early morning outdoor boot camp.  When the boot camp came to an end a number of participants were really enjoying the early morning workout groove they had so determinedly fit into their lives.  And, they were loving the results they were achieving.  What  would they do during the long east coast winter months?

I’m definitely a morning person so putting together a morning class for those with boot camp DTs was hardly a chore.  Two times per week, renegade boot campers and a few other health savvy folks put me through my paces.  Well, my job is to keep their workouts fresh and challenging and to put them through their paces.  Their job is to work hard, stay focused, show their mental mettle.

In other words, to step up to and in to their Morning Moxie!

And they do!  Some days they do back-to-back tabatas for the duration and on others they complete workouts in blocks of 4 minutes with two minutes of cardio activity followed by two minutes of strength training.  Or, they complete calisthenic drills or circuit training with big ropes, bosu’s, stair running and more.

On Thursday past, they threw themselves fully into an almost totally body weight workout which they Moxied with flare and finesse – you should do this at home!

45 seconds work, 15 seconds recovery; two rounds before rest

  • dynamic squats
  • 1/2 burpees
  • reverse lunge with high kick left
  • reverse lunge with high kick right
  • decline dynamic planks (check out the link, but elevate your feet)
  • supine to toe touch crab left
  • supine to toe touch crab right
  • superwoman planks (at the link by a different name)
  • bicycle crunches

One minute rest.

45 seconds work, 15 seconds recovery; two rounds before rest

  • high knees jump rope
  • push ups with side plank to toe touch
  • single leg get up to knee lift left
  • single leg get up to knee lift right
  • rocca presses
  • powered up star jumps
  • bench/sill dip with feet on stability ball
  • iron inches
  • stability ball jackknives

Warm up before, stretch afterwards.

Loads of sweat, plenty of upper body strength moves, big muscle activation, steamed windows, cardiovascular demands.

It seems not to matter how high the bar is set, folks with Morning Moxie blow past it!

Great love and great achievements involve great risks. ~ Dalai Lama