On the weekend past I attended a mini-retreat on The Posture Of Meditation.  The weekend was one of astoundingly inviting sunny bright days and profoundly learned lessons of the heart, mind and body.

Held at Dorje Denma Ling , the weekend was a veritable feast of enjoyable relaxation offered by Will Johnson.  Will is a passionate, intense man with dancing hands, wise words and knowledge of the body.  With him skillfully instructing, we were guided gently and surely through alignment, relaxation and resiliency work which will strongly enhance my time on the cushion. Now when I take my seat, it will be vibrant and my breath will inform movement through every joint of my body. And when moments are just right, I will breathe through my body, my visual field and my auditory field.  I will not sit still.

This mini-retreat was experienced in silence.  From Friday night around 7:00 until Sunday afternoon at 4:00 we maintained silence, except for asking questions during program instruction or when necessary during Rota duties.  There was much value in this silence.

In deference to my silent journey, I’ll not share more in words but will share some of the sights from my weekend.