So, it is Saturday and I am running a 10k tomorrow.

Aside from the challenges that will be presented by not being sufficiently trained for this run, there are other factors which will make tomorrow an adventure.

One is the forecast.  Environment Canada is saying:

Showers ending in the afternoon then cloudy. Amount 2 to 4 mm. Wind northwest 30 km/h gusting to 50. High 10.

I don’t mind the rain and I don’t mind the temperature, but gusts of 50 kph will just kill me.  Tonight when I go to bed, I’ll be sending out calm breeze thoughts.

A second concern is a blossoming bout of bronchitis. Or, maybe it is just a chest cold coming to call.  Either way, my chest is tightening and my bronchioles are irritated and itchy.  My nose is a bit congested and my cough is becoming more frequent and, as the health folks would say, productive.  I picked up a vile wildberry flavoured expectorant cough syrup at the pharmacy and I’m drinking water.

I have also been challenged by the timing chip.  Let me tell you.

I headed to the Confederation Centre of the Arts to pick up my race kit in the bluster which was Friday afternoon.  I strode past all the tables of the health expo laden with running gear, colourfully appealing running clothes and running supplements; tables with information from health organizations and agencies, and tables peddling nonsense like fully processed bread as an essential part of a healthy diet.


the problem champion chip


I took my timing chip to the verification table.  The Atlantic Chip staffer was handing out timing chip cuffs/bracelets to relay team members, reading them the riot act on returning the bracelets, and allowing those of us with Champion Chips to scan them and verify our information on a lap top.  I asked him where I should wear my chip and explained to him that I was running barefoot and would not have the requisite laces he indicated.  He was neither polite nor helpful.

So, I have spent a good portion of today seeking information regarding Champion Chips and barefoot running.  I put out twitter requests for advice and posted queries on barefoot running forums and a half dozen barefoot-related facebook pages.  Many folks have offered ideas and I am grateful to an online community. My partner spent part of the day with the top of his foot duct taped, an alternative use not mentioned in Wikipedia, in an effort to perform a test run for me.

The best online information I found was posted on Barefoot Pua’s Blog this past July.  There is the medical tape suggestion (I have none in the house) and the rubber band idea, which I find not particularly comfortable but close to the top of my options list.


2009 vs 2010 footwear


Rubber bands vs duct tape at this point.  Both will come along with me in the morning.

In anticipation of my first official barefoot run, I headed off for a pedi yesterday.  I first came across Marlo Graves owner of Simply Aesthetics when I used a gift certificate for her services last February.  In my second pedicure of the year I asked her for something funky.  She did an outstanding job of trick and treating me!  I couldn’t help but be motivated by her artistry.

I’m headed out tomorrow morning in search of fun.