Tomorrow I’ll pick up my race kit for a race I might not run.

If you recall, I registered for the Confederation Bridge 10k run of the PEI Marathon at the end of August.

My intention?  To run the 10k barefoot.  Just to complete it barefoot, enjoying the run totally and not setting any goal beyond that.

I began a training schedule, running 3 times per week late in August and was able to maintain it until the early morning hours of MOVE IT! Boot Camp changed my weekly schedule and energy demands in the middle of September.

I have not been running much of late.  On Tuesday of this week I got out for the first time this month!  I got out only 8 times in September.

Tuesday’s run was a short one on a very cool morning.  It was about 4 degrees Celsius and the sidewalks were chilly.  I ran straight up University Avenue on an out-and-back run.  My feet numbed a bit as my nose dripped and my fingers burred. On the return, running into the sun, my fingers melted and my spirit ignited. I am so glad I stepped out there onto the friendly concrete sidewalks.

Typical of most of my urban barefoot runs, I attracted curiosity.  I frequently get comments, encouragement, and exclamations of various kinds. “Where are your shoes woman?” or “I wish I could do that” or “I’ve been watching you with wonder.”  This day I was chased for a half block by a not-out-for-a-run man who wanted to ask me about my barefoot running experience.  His tap startled me and I turned to see red jacket, black backpack, and a sincere face framed by gray hair. I was friendly but a bit short with him as I wanted to run, not talk about running.

I am certainly not ready to run a 10k on Sunday.

After much back and forth on the decision, I have decided to let how I feel Saturday guide the final decision.