New on the schedule in September, BawdyMax Class is a High Intensity Training (H.I.T.) workout which delivers.

Quick and dirty or short and sweet, whichever way you play it, High Intensity Interval Training is a time efficient and metabolically intense way of meeting your health & fitness goals.

Consisting of short circuits which you complete for your best time or timed intervals you complete for your best rep count, Bawdymax is 15 – 30 minutes of your best no-holding-back sweat-infested heart-thumping gasping-for-breath effort.

Each BawdyMax workout is given the name of a dance, largely because I think that is what we are all engaged in – the dance.  So, folks have completed workouts like The Hustle, The Fox Trot, The Shimmy and, particularly challenging, The Pogo.  Bawdymax might mean kettlebell deadlifts, crazy core work or enough burpees to last a life time.  Okay, enough to last a week and a half.

On October 8th the workout was The Twist.

The Twist required 3 rounds and was a time challenge. Each round looked like this:

  • 10 High Kness with a Front Dead Drop x 30
  • 30 Sit Outs (15/leg)
  • 12 Kettlebell Core Stirs
  • 30 Deep Kettlebell Front-Rear Lunges (15/leg)
  • 40 Seated Russian Twisst w/ Leg Cycling (20/leg)

Some brief videos taken in the third round will show you what each exercise looked like.  Remember, these women have been pushing their limits throughout the workout and are well fatigued by this point.

Round 3 – 10 High Knees with Dead Drop x 30

Round 3 – 30 Sit Outs

Round 3 – 12 Kettlebell Core Stirs

Round 3 – 30 Kettlebell Racked Front-Rear Lunges

Round 3 – 40 Russian Twists with Leg Cycling



This was a great workout!  Why don’t you try it and post your time in the comments section.