Hey!  I’m announcing my first ever blog give-away.

Through the kindness and savvy marketing of CSN Stores, I have the power to grant you a $35. gift card. You have the power to redeem the gift card at any of CSN Stores’ on-line sites.

You might shop for bistro sets and put $35. towards a classy flip top bar table.  You know, the kind you’d like to have when you invite me over for wine and dessert.

Or, perhaps you’d appreciate the usefulness of a heart rate monitor when you’re sweating a kettlebell or pushing yourself through a Bawdymax class.  Keeping yourself just on this side of medical emergency always makes your friendly fitness instructor very happy.

If I were putting it toward something, I think I’d dress my professor partner up in something fitting, like a smile-worthy Attitude Apron when he’s cooking delights for us in the kitchen.

So, you can see  CSN Stores have a lot of options for your shopping pleasure.  You’ll be sure to find that just-right something when you win!

In order to enter the draw for the gift card you need only participate in a conspiracy of kindness.  With your own special style, approach a stranger with a big smile and say something kind to them. Then,

  • place a comment on this blog post briefly telling me the circumstances of what you did.  I’d love to hear what response, if any, you got from the stranger
  • OR
  • if you are not already, follow me on twitter, my user name is @thewholeway.  Make sure you tweet me so I know to enter you in the draw and put this link  to the blog post — http://bit.ly/dteCxd —  in the tweet.

If you become a Ceaseless Conspirator, a Colluder in Kindness, you can enter this give-away contest as many times as your like.  Just be sure to leave a separate comment for each act of kindness you heap on a stranger.

On Friday September 10th, I’ll announce a randomly selected Gigolo of Joy as the winner of the $35. gift card.