early morning boardwalk

I am a bit pressed for blogging time today, but wanted to get in a wee post about Week 1 Day 1 of my 10k training, mainly because getting out for this run required a bit of inner tussling.  I am not ticklish so the tussle was not particularly delightful.

But for the many joys I have found in barefoot running I would not be training for another 10k.  I have explained why i am not a runner in a previous post and right now I am thoroughly questioning my sanity, my grasp on reality, my less than charming willfulness.  Perhaps I am blessed with a running belligerence.

If you were to judge by the small gasps of sharply caught breaths, the general moans upon moving and the relieved sighs of stretches, you’d agree that yesterday’s pistols squats and deadlifts are today’s symphony of recovery.  I am SORE, and pretty thankful of it.

Today I put in my first training run for October’s 10k race.  I was plenty stiff for the first half km and the last couple.  Freshly poured concrete hardening in the muscle fibres of my quads, solidly exhausted, accompanied me for the last few blocks.

I ran a three km route which took me from the studio through downtown Charlottetown, ending at the Brighton end of the Victoria Park Boardwalk.  There I completed 3 sprints of approximately 300m each, with 300m recovery walks. I retraced the 3km route back to the studio.

This was one tough workout for me, particularly the 300m sprints followed by another 3k run.  I haven’t run sprints since last year’s 10k race training, and speed is not my forte.  It showed today…the lack of speed, I mean.

It is a wonderfully warm sunny day out there, so I was thankful for the cool breezes coming off the river, where the herons and gulls were bobbing, tactfully avoiding eye contact with my red, sweaty self.