Now that my work schedule has reached a momentary lull, and momentary means on the order of about 16 days, I am taking the opportunity to get my own training organized and back on track.

I have registered for the PEI Marathon Confederation Bridge 10k Run with the intention of making it my first official barefoot race.  I need to kick a training program into place pronto.  So, that happens this week.  I’ve picked a program from Runner’s World that I like. I’ll have to omit one week as I am 7 weeks out from race day rather than 8 and I’ll tweak the schedule in a few other ways too.  As my training time will be limited, I like that this is a 3x/week schedule.  Last year I completed a 5x/week training program for the same 10k.

I also need to get in some high intensity short duration sweat fests, incorporating functional movement patterns.  This kind of interval work will help whittle away at the exuberances of my body, collected as a result of two challenging years worth of bilateral adhesive capsulitis, the continuing limitations set upon me by a minor motor vehicle accident, an excitingly busy work schedule and my recent penchant for slothliness.

Have I covered all the excuse bases?  Having exhausted them, it is time to exhaust myself on a regular basis.

So, intermingled with my physiotherapy exercises and my osteopathic self-administrations, I got my sweat on today.

3 rounds for time (mine was 17:27):

  • 10 left/10 right TRX pistol squats (’cause I can’t do an unassisted pistol…yet)
  • 10 left/10 right 12kg kettlebell snatches
  • 10 TRX push ups
  • 10   double 12kg kettlebells deadlifts
  • 10 BOSU dynamic planks

I panted and sweat.  That’s a very good state of affairs in which to find myself.

Check out the BOSU dynamic planks in this video: